Another piece for AnyVoices, my first spontaneous one. I felt that I had to write it otherwise I would start haranguing people in the street. It’s interesting looking back, as this must be one of the events that started the #SNPBad hashtag.


Yes I know every man and his dog will have an opinion on this, and sorry to add to list, but this woman and her cat is just so gobsmacked at the events of the last few days that I had to write something. And, because you can’t write about this subject without clarifying your position, I don’t condone abusive language, especially when targeted at individuals.

However, there is a difference between offensive/abusive and people letting off steam. At the risk of stereotyping; anyone expecting a Scottish electorate to discuss/argue politics without occasionally swearing is naive to the point of stupidity.

So it actually happened, Scottish Labour drew up ‘a list’. A list they claimed was of abusive SNP supporters. It really is kind of them to police another party’s members. It’s just such a damned shame they don’t put as much effort into policing their own. Ian Smart .

Pro-indy folks have been joking about a list since Mike Daily said he was drawing one up of those awful individuals with the audacity to follow the Separatist King himself – Wings Over Scotland – back in June 2014. In fact, I’ve had my “I’m on the list” badge so long, I’d forgotten the actual story from whence it came. Well there has been so many SNP/Cybernats/Wings Bad stories that it all becomes a bit of a blur. And no, I’m not saying those 3 groups are the same, but it does seem that the Labour Party and the mainstream media do find them interchangeable. A common enemy! To the gates! Man the defences! We’ll repel them with lists!

It took Scottish Labour a year but my god the wait has been worth it. Actually scrap that, this so-called dossier that set Twitter afire on Friday evening, was leaked in the early hours of Saturday, and turned out to be a rather damp squib. 51 pages, partly filled with screengrabs, of some of the tamest tweets I have ever read. It’s actually quite offensive towards damp squibs.

This list is stupid on just so many levels. The information contained in the list has been collated with the intention of passing on to the press, without the permission of the people involved. It might not break the law, I’ll leave that to the lawyers to discuss, but I can’t imagine the Information Commissioner being overly impressed

Secondly, Labour should be trying to reconnect with its lost members, not targeting members of the public. Just who thought this would be a good idea? Who, in their right mind, would green-light this absurdity? But then this is the party that had the #EdStone go through 10 policy meetings without anyone going “Really? A huge limestone tablet? That’s bonkers, Ed.”

And finally, this just opens up a HUGE can of whataboutery, I even did it myself earlier. The Labour Party, and in particular its Scottish branch, is not whiter than snow when it comes to abuse. The fact that it is already being reported that people on this list are being harassed, will only add to the shit-storm that they will experience if the media pick up on it.

In her press release this week Nicola Sturgeon stated

There seems to be a part of the political and media establishment that loves to say Scotland is divided, and I feel that they are the ones trolling. We should be working together to build bridges but Scottish Labour seem to be running around with flamethrowers, and getting burnt on the erse in the process.

I have spent the last few months/years asking – what is the Labour Party actually for? After the last few days, and their increasing levels of stupidity, I am grateful that they don’t seem to be for anything because their ineptitude will only harm any cause they stand for. This latest in a series of debacles is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot with a blank and then blaming the nats for it.

I await next week’s newspapers with trepidation, will they run with the usual Vile Cybernat TM story, or will they see that this a ridiculous step too far, and we can finally move on?

Featured image by Brian Falconer


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