The Hunt’s not on

I was apprehensive giving this to AnyVoices because at the time there were a lot saying that the SNP should not have got involved.It was the result of another late night rant, written after an argument on Twitter. Possibly the fastest thing I’ve written.

I still stand by my point of view, SNP were correct to threaten to vote over this, it is a moral issue. We knew the Tories would use it as an excuse for EVEL, but they were going to do that anyway.

Latest polls show anti-hunting sentiment at around 83% and that some Tory MPs are likely to vote against a relaxation of the ban, possibly enough to defeat the motion (if Labour remember they are an opposition party).

My main hope now is that the laws are tightened up in Scotland.



SNP, have they been flushed out re fox hunting?

The SNP MPs have just announced that they will vote against relaxing the laws on hunting with dogs via the following media release: media release

SNP Westminster group leader Angus Robertson MP said:

We totally oppose fox hunting, and when there are moves in the Scottish Parliament to review whether the existing Scottish ban is strong enough, it is in the Scottish interest to maintain the existing ban in England and Wales for Holyrood to consider.

At which point the cries of “It’s a trap” and “They’ve broken their principles” could be heard all over social media.

To put it bluntly – bollocks.

The SNP would have been castigated whatever they had decided to do. They are still members of a UK parliament, representing not only their constituents but the will of the people. We all know that their inboxes have been filled with people in England & Wales asking them to vote against this regressive change.

Only in January this year did YouGov release data showing that 51% of the public support the ban, (49% in rural areas) against 33% supporting it (39% rural)

Last year, Scotland was told it was an integral part of the UK and should stay and take a lead in the way the union was run. Well, as UK MPs the SNP have the right to vote on this, and despite the practice of avoiding legislation that only affects England and Wales, are still able to.

If the SNP are going to fall foul of the right-wing press I would rather it be in the support of a progressive policy stemming animal cruelty, than for abstaining and letting Labour (remember them, the official opposition ha ha ) go on about how they allowed foxes to die in horrific ways.

The bottom line is that fox hunting is cruel and should not take place in the 21st century. The foxes die horrifically and the hounds used to hunt them are treated badly or put down if they are deemed unsuitable for the hunt. Mirror article here

To call any activity a sport which involves blooding new riders, seems to be a misnomer.

Ah, but it’s pest control they say, Really? It takes requires a pack of dogs and a group of riders in fancy dress to kill one fox? It’s remarkable then, how many times false dens for the convenient breeding of cubs has been uncovered as outlined in this Guardian article

When it comes down to it, those that support relaxing the ban hate the SNP anyway, whereas those that want it to stay in place will see them as allies. They wanted us in the UK, now they have to put up with the consequences.

And finally, there is the tit for tat approach to the Scotland Bill and EVEL, it may be a bit “we’ll show you” but they have the right to do so. Angus Robertson’s last comment reminding the Tories of their slim majority, and Labour that they should actually you know be an opposition party, cheered me up after the nightmare of last week’s budget.

My main hope is that after this the loopholes that still allow hunting with dogs in Scotland will be closed by Holyrood, and that this horrific practice will be finally consigned to the history books forever.

Featured image by Brian Falconer


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