A fresh start


My first post which doesn’t involve copy/pasting from somewhere else. (all my work, I hasten to add)

I still feel meh, but I’m hoping that this blog is a sign that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, without turning into a grade A bitch, which is usually the next stage in January.

I know this isn’t depression, I know enough people who have it to know this is only mood swings, probably caused by it’s being dark for so long.

So this year I’m facing my January blues. I’m talking about it (& there are some lovely people out there) and remembering it’s ok to hide when I need to. Doing #100HappyDays challenge because there is always something that makes me happy each day, sometimes it just feels harder to spot them.

I’m also reintroducing my “Me-Days” Once a week, usually Monday, I have a day for me but I have to go out. Walks in parks, visits to museums, going to the cinema, a compulsory change of scenery, because I find it very easy to end up staying in bed.



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