It’s late…


…and I’m tired. But I’ve noticed that I feel more like me late at night.

I almost feel up to a political rant, this is a good sign.

So today/yesterday the Housing Bill was debated in the House of Commons. The first time EVEL has been inacted. I’m not sure which angers me most, the fact the Tories defeated a clause to ensure rented homes have to meet a minimum standard or that Scottish MPs have been barred from voting.

That 1 in 5 MPs are landlords should mean they are unable to vote, but it was the 1 in 12 representing Scotland who were told they could not.

I despair of the Westminster government’s policies re housing. Bedroom tax, cuts to housing benefit to under 25s, inflating the market and now clearing “sink” estates to gbuild affordable homes – if you can call £450k affordable.

And then, Cameron bleats (grunts?) that he worries his children may not get on the housing ladder. Maybe he should give them one of his spares?

This government take out of touch to a new stratospheric heights.


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