Cat’s out of the bag


So the not-sure-if-it’s-a-secret has been announced, I am one of four bloggers who have been interviewed by Phantom Power. It’s for the first part of a series called Become The Media, The Joy of Blogs. I’m still not quite sure how I got the gig, mistaken identity I’m sure.

Anyone who knows me and my hatred of having my photograph taken or even worse hearing my voice, will appreciate how much of a step out of the ordinary this is for me. No lying, there’s probably only three photographs I’ve willing had taken in the last ten years, and one was with Nicola Surgeon – it’s compulsory in Glasgow.

I was a complete wreak when I arrived but thanks to Robert J Somynne – so suave – and a very sympathetic interviewer/cameraman/all round good guy I beat the butterflies and did it, having fun in the process. (Although I did have to remove my glasses and am probably squinting in the footage.)

There’s no way I can write about how important it is for everyone to have a voice and that women must be more involved in the media if I don’t put my money where my mouth is. I’ve been telling my daughter to speak up, so I have to set an example.

And as an official blogger, I now intend to write whilst drinking wine, reclining gracefully and being waited on by an army of beautiful young men. That is the deal, right?

You can follow Phantom Power on Twitter @PhantomPower14

He also takes the credit for the photo




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