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*Takes deep breath*

Now I don’t give a damn about football, I was brought up to support Cowdenbeath. The Old Firm was something I never thought about until we decided to move to Glasgow. I’m not used to sectarianism; let alone in sport, it seems a totally bizarre way of thinking, and one that I’m never sure if I should comment on. But after 3 years, I feel I should say “grow up for fucks sake, there are more important things to be concerned about.”

I also don’t care abut the status of Rangers or whatever name people think it should go by. I will admit it’s quantum nature can amuse me, but that’s down to the situation not the club.

However what does bother me is the level of abuse Angela Haggerty gets on what seems to be a daily basis. How dare she a woman, be in the media and with an opinion on sport! Must be one of the signs of the apocalypse, except it isn’t, is it? This is the 21st century, and she has a much right to talk about these issues as men do about feminism. The point is you aren’t forced to listen, in fact you can totally ignore anyone you wish.

There are times when I hold completely opposing views to Angela, but at no time have I felt the need to abuse her. And if you wish to scroll my timeline in order to shout hypocrite I will admit up front that I do swear, mainly in exasperation. There has also been 4 occasions to date, when I have used the word cunt, but at no time have I wished for someone to die of a horrible disease, drop dead, be attacked or raped.

I am sure there are Celtic nutcases too, but Rangers seem to have some of the most misogynistic knuckle-draggers out there.  No one should have to put up with what she does on a daily basis. I am also aware that many Rangers fans are decent human beings, but please can’t you put pressure on your club to reign the extremists in?

Her inclusion to the Sunday Herald was in my opinion a good thing, old & new media working together. But today the Herald appears to successfully have shot itself in both feet, doing a Telegraph and bowing to advertiser pressure.

I don’t read Graham Spiers but as he’s won Sports Journalist of the Year four times, I’m assuming he knows what he writes about. His original article appears to be a call for the club to continue working towards losing it’s regressive reputation, which is surely a good thing. I also need to ask if the original article was so at risk of litigation, why wasn’t it picked up before being published?

I was brought up to think that part of journalistic integrity meant that titles should stand up for their journalists, and I was pleased to see the NUJ released a statement this afternoon –  and although this now appears to have been deleted I found part of it in The Drum’s article on the issue.

The NUJ has already defended Angela over the bullying and harassment she has suffered for doing her job. The  axing of her column sends a message that The Herald is unwilling to stand up for its contributors and is willing to sacrifice journalists when commercial interests are involved. This is totally unacceptable.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary, said it was

outrageous that commercial meddling has led the Herald to sack a respected columnist.  This pandering to the mob does the freedom of journalism and the reputation of the Herald no favours. We call on the editor to reinstate these columnists at once.

There has been continuing denials of bias from the Herald over the years, but this highlights to me how much the editor can be swayed. The other consequence is how it taints both the Sunday Herald & The National as it appears that their effective & likable editor can be overruled by the editor-in-chief. How often does this happen?

I do not think the Herald have thought this through. Short term they may keep advertising revenue from Rangers, yet people are now talking about not renewing subscriptions.

Ultimately, if you aren’t making sales, you won’t be selling adverts, and Herald sales are already far from being the healthiest.




2 thoughts on “Here goes…

  1. I have had disagreements with Mr Spiers online (the details I won’t bore you with,) and could hardly be described as an Angela Haggerty acolyte, but I couldn’t agree with you more.

    The way they have been treated is despicable, and very short-sighted. “Scottish broadsheet gives in to blackmail” is a headline that speaks volumes about the state of the Scottish MSM.

    Unfortunately the cancelled subscriptions won’t just be for the Herald – all too many people are now talking about abandoning The National as well.

    First time here btw, followed the link from Bella. Glad I did!

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