New month


I was going to title this piece “Thank fuck January is over” but the way today is heading I’m not sure February is going to be much improvement.  As far as I’m aware no major celebrity has died in the last 17 hours which is something, however Storm Henry (HENRY!) is doing it’s best to blow Scotland off the map.

So what’s been going on today…

The saga at the Newsquest continues, firstly with The National being unable to print it’s original Monday cartoon due to fear of litigation, no comment has been forthcoming over the subject of the cartoon, but it doesn’t take a magical powers to work it out.   Then we return back to the Rangers saga, as around lunchtime, it was reported that Llewellin (the editor-in-chief) was told that any costs incurred defending the allegation would have to come from the editorial budget risking jobs. Not sure what the publishers are intending but public trust in their impartiality doesn’t seem to be it.

This however had to take a back seat as The National ran an article on what I can only described as a small-dicked, mysoginist who has announced plans to run his “tribal meet up” in Glasgow & Edinburgh. I cannot hold back, this man is scum, in fact I have scraped more pleasant things off the soles of my boots. Anyone who believes that rape should be legal in private property, should not be allowed to interact with any other being (human or animal) let alone be allowed to spread his entitled hate speech.

He adds to this this by threatening anyone who protests “I will exact furious retribution upon anyone who challenges you in public on that date” – I’m sorry is this guy real? He sounds like a second rate Tarantino character, and on a slight tangent wouldn’t you just love to see Samuel L Jackson take this freak down a peg or 20?

There already is a protest being organised and a petition (almost 15k signatures as I write) against this, and Glasgow City Council have announced they have not given permission for the “tribal meet up”. Although as it has been seen before, lack of permission does not mean events can be stopped. Saturday night in Glasgow looks like it will be even more interesting than normal.

In the mean time glancing over the papers, it appears that the UK government is considering “intervening” in Libya, Cameron is being a wet fish over EU negotiations, 800k voters may have fallen off the electoral register, 40% of NHS budget goes on over 65s (how is that news?) and Ian Duncam Smith is a murderous incompetent. I’m assuming that last one is there somewhere. He’s another loathsome toad.

So onward and upward etc…





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