This is my first “Random” post and they probably  will be – possibly boring too.  There’s no point to these, I’m clearing out the stuff that tootles round the back of my head. They may be short, I hope so as I don’t want to inflict too much me on you.

This isn’t me, I wear socks now, socks are cool.

Today has been a good day.

It’s amazing how despite the cold the sunshine can improve your mood – or maybe not in my case. Things feel more positive, not just for me but for people I know. I keep hearing good news rather than bad, in some cases GREAT NEWS. News that makes your heart sing.

There’s still the crap out there, but right now that tide is being held back, and I feel as though I have enough energy to add to the defences rather than watch them wash away.

I’m keeping busy; picking up abandoned projects as well as adding new fun ones. I may feel like I’m bluffing it, but after so many years working at a local authority I can bullshit with the best of them.

February always feels like a better time for fresh starts, January is too dark and gloomy. So healthier eating is back on the cards, I know I feel better for it, and I don’t need those cheese & crackers late at night, or the 10th biscuit.

Would be much easier if I liked fruit – you know the standard – apples, oranges & bananas – but at least the daughter loves them.  It may be the only way I’m winning as a parent, she has a great appetite and loves her fruit and veg. Me? Surprisingly enough – to me at least – I like vegetables and salad. I just have to stop procrastinating because the thought of food preparation is always worse than doing it.

Plus the nights are drawing out, which is great as it means I can start my walks again. I know I could do it in the day, but I like the peace of the early evening – it helps me unwind. I love our flat but cabin fever starts to build over winter, and yes I know it’s not bad weather it’s bad clothing but meh, I am fighting the urge to hibernate. Getting out of bed is an achievement, going out unnecessarily in horizontal rain is not going to happen.

So speaking of clothes, I will continue with part of the post that never was, the one I drafted the morning of the shoot with PhantonPower. I was nervous and trying to distract myself.

The main difference moving from east coast England to west coast Scotland – apart from the culture, language, regular transport links, money, attitude, banter – is the weather and subsequent clothes. I’ve got to the age of “sod what it looks like, I intend to be warm and dry.”

I had never experienced rain like we get in Glasgow before moving here. Yes, there are thunderstorms and occasional heavy bursts but not the unremitting downpours that it seems can last for days. I have to keep checking to make sure I’m not developing webbed toes.

I had never owned thermals/base layers (learn the correct words woman) until I moved here – that was quickly rectified the first winter. I’ve also never really been into fashion (unless it was black, velvet, lace or leather – yup I’m an old goth) but these days it feels like my first choice in clothing shopping is Mountain Warehouse (other outdoor wear shops are also available & used regularly.)

I’ve noticed I have more coats now, and fleeces, and jumpers, and layers – so many more layers – but that’s essential when it can be sunny one minute & hailing the next. It’s not a vast amount of clothes, but a lot for me. I remember the heady days before we moved when I could go out without taking a waterproof or just sling on a light jacket. Not now, these days I look like I’m heading for the Arctic in my wearable quilt.

And wellies, sometimes feels like I live in them, I’m not surprised Nicola Sturgeon has expensive onews, that’s what I intend to get next, the cheap ones don’t last, and I hate having wet feet.

So that’s the rambling over for the night, hopefully the next post will be more interesting.





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