Back Off!


I was planning a quiet Saturday afternoon when the Herald article on Labour’s plans to block the devolution of abortion rights to Scotland (archived link) caught my attention.

Rather than continue my TwitterRant, I will attempt to coherently put my views across. Although please be aware that I am raging at the minute.

First of all, PoliticsScot has done a clear piece on the history and the legalities of abortion in Scotland, starting 5:50 (but it is all worth a watch.)

And breathe…

This is ANOTHER case of Labour working against the Smith commission. Even the Scotland Office say

The Smith Commission were of the view that abortion law should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament and there is no constitutional reason why it should not be. The abortion laws will not change at the point of devolution. The current legislation will remain in force unless and until the Scottish Parliament decides to change it. The First Minister has made a very clear statement that the Scottish Government has no plans to change abortion law in Scotland.

As far as I am aware all of Health, including end of life legislation is devolved. The only exception being abortion legislation, this is an abnormality which should be rectified, especially if we are to be “the most powerful devolved Parliament in the world” (don’t all laugh at once.)

There are no plans to change any of the timescales in Scotland. Whereas in Westminster both Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health wants a 12 week cut off time and Ben Gummer, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Quality at Department of Health, is ‘personally and principally opposed‘ to the practice.

Personally, I put more trust in a parliament lead by 3 female feminist leaders, a male feminist leader (and Willie Rennie) than a Westminster boys club. I may not rate Kezia and Ruth but I believe they have better intentions with regard to this than either of the two front benches of their respective parties. Tim Farron’s LibDems I do not trust at all, especially the Liar Carmichael.

And now to Labour, I quite like Corbyn, there is a slight chance he could be a good leader if he manages to take charge of his PLP, but he has no chance in Scotland, especially if he listens to the aggrieved Scottish Labour Party. You would think them having their arses handed back to them last May, would have sent a sign. But no, they still mealy mouth the Scottish Parliament, and their list for next May is laughable.  Putting Anas Sarwar at the top of the Glasgow list is an affront to all those who voted him out last year – but that’s another rant!

So, Labour is trying to protect the women of Scotland from the misogynist policy makers in the Scottish Parliament.

Labour, the party who still hasn’t implemented equal pay in it’s Councils.

The party who is allowing the blocking of female Muslim councilors.

The party that has only just achieved gender balance in it’s cabinet, and the less said about that the better.

Yes, there has been an increase in anti-abortion agitation, you don’t have to tell me about that, however I think getting 3,600 signatures over a weekend, shows the women of Scotland are prepared to put a fight up to protect their reproductive rights and conduct an informed debate. Saying our Parliament is not allowed these powers belittle us.

So, to put it bluntly..

Yvette Cooper, MP for Pontefract and Castleford, you may have been born in Inverness, but as a  a failed leadership candidate who isn’t even in the current shadow cabinet, what the hell has it to do with you?

I may be wrong, women is Scotland may want shorter timescales for terminations but what ever happens it is up to them not Westminster politicians.




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