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Just a quick post today because if I start on Scottish Labour at FMQs today I may never stop.

Thanks to Phantom Power making people aware that I blog -eeek- I’ve been asked a couple of times for my opinion on other people’s writing. First of all, it’s incredibly flattering.  I’m still amazed anyone reads this, let alone wants my opinion an anything they might do. However and nothing against those asking, but ARE YOU MAD? I’m only just off the baby reins doing this and to be honest there hasn’t been a single post that I don’t want to run past the idiot who suggested I write.

I want to make clear that I’m not at all bothered that the person I’ve been nagging to blog, posted their first piece this week SMASHING all my stats over night – oh no. (Damn you WordPress I need emojis.) It just proves I was right – yeah let’s stick with that line – and YOU MUST READ HER.

My point is if I can do this anyone can. The great thing about the referendum was people standing up and finding their voices. This isn’t something we should give up on. Facebook, Tweet, blog, submit articles, do whatever you want but be heard. Journalists, commentators and some politicians in Scotland may be horrified that their public is answering back, but they do not have any special abilities only a platform.

I’m not saying it’s easy, everyone re-writes and trust me the grammar pedants will let you know of any mistakes, it’s always good to get one on side to crush you gently. I’ve learnt more about the English language in the last year on Twitter than I ever did during my O-levels.

If there’s something you are passionate about, write about it. If you are angry, get it down – but reread calmly before putting it out there. It’s also helped when I’ve been down.  Communication is important.

If you are stuck ask someone for help so far every blogger I have encountered has been really supportive. It’s not a competition, there isn’t a limited amount of words or opinions. I read more blogs now than I’ve ever done and the list is growing weekly.

And finally I’m assuming the terror of hitting publish eventually eases.






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