Once you pop…


You can’t stop – as the ad for the addictive snack with no nutritional value states. That’s how I am once I start on the Labour Party.

I made the mistake at the weekend of venting slightly and so instead of dispassionately watching them slide over the cliff edge of irrelevance with fingers scrabbling for purchase, I am now constantly irritated that they are still making the same mistakes over and over and over AND OVER again.


Last night some masochistic urge made me look at Duncan Hothersall’s (the editor of Labour Hame) twitter account, where he bragged of the use of English Labour activists in campaigning – because of solidarity you know, not because of the dearth of home grown supporters  – the crowning touch being the “nationalism never” comment.

Remember that this is the man that previously bragged of spending Tory money in the referendum. I know this is irrelevant, but I just love posting it.


I won’t bother posting up pictures of Labour Councillors & activists campaigning through out the referendum with National Front members, or the horrific scenes on the 19th September when the thugs waving the Union Jacks took over George Square. To be honest I’m sick of seeing them and appalled that this is what BritNat has come to mean.

But I will mention the joys of living in Glasgow where the Labour run council allow the Orange Order to parade and intimidate the city all summer. The Scotsman in 2009 reported on plans  to reduce the number of marches by 80% on the grounds of cost & public disturbance, but then Gordon Matheson took control and these were reversed. (I can’t comment on rumours of promises made to Orange Lodge leaders in a hustings)

I mean it had only been the case that in 2008 that the “the Orange Order marched 183 times, while related organisations, such as the Apprentice Boys of Derry, marched 40 times and the Black Institute, 24.”  That equals 247 marches, I’m not denying there are Republican marches too, the same article counts them – all 19 of them.

Anyway I digress; as always Duncan’s comments are a precursor to what’s going on at Labour Hame, and today’s offering is a comparison of SNP and UKIP, because you know nationalists.

Isimage this part of the George Foulkes “insult them and they will return to the fold” way of attracting voters?

How is insulting the electorate going to turn them back to Labour? Scottish voters have moved as a block away from Labour for a reason and you will never win them back until you develop the humility to work out why.

I thought I’d look up the author Professor Trevor Davies, he sounds impressive and as a relative newcomer to Scottish Politics, I like to check who people are.  I was first confused as the only Professor of that name was the former head of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit – you know the ClimateGate emails – so obviously an expert of Scottish Politics.

But no,  I found this in the Scotsman, “Trevor Davies is honorary professor in urban studies at the University of Glasgow and until 2007 was an Edinburgh Labour councillor.”

I’m sure it’s complete coincidence that  a Trevor Davies is the chair of Edinburgh Northern & Leith CLP, so another completely unbiased bit of writing. What with this and their “independent” think tanks I beginning to think the Labour Party can’t find anyone to agree with them who isn’t a member.

So to the article itself, this greets you fairly early on

“Writing this in Scotland I know that not all nationalists are SNP supporters and not all SNP supporters are nationalists.  But nationalism is what drives the SNP, as it does UKIP (and many Tories) over Europe.”

Now I know I should analytically take this apart, but there are others who can do this better, with me you get the emotional reaction and that is “Oh do fuck off”

The SNP’s policy on immigration is

Diversity is one of Scotland’s great strengths. Effective immigration controls are important, but we must also remember that those who have come to Scotland from other countries make a significant contribution to our economy and our society.

The SNP believe that immigration is essential to the strength of our economy and adds greatly to our cultural fabric. We propose a fair, robust and secure immigration system that meets Scotland’s social and economic needs. 

Therefore we will seek, as a priority, the reintroduction of the post study work visa, so that those we have helped educate are able, if they so choose, to make a contribution to our economy.

Unlike UKIP’s  (I had to download a 75 page manifesto to find this)


  • Take back control of our borders
  • Put a five-year moratorium on immigration for unskilled workers, which will enable the unemployed already living here to find work and those already working to see wage growth
  • Introduce an Australian-style points based system to manage the number and skills of people coming into the country, treating all citizens of the world on a fair and equal basis as a welcoming, outward-looking country
  • Tackle the problem of sham marriages.

UKIP is the personal ego-trip of a privately educated, ex-stockbroker, who wants to drag Britain back to the 1950s, and thinks that by always being photographed with a pint and a fag makes him one-of-the-blokes. This man wants to bring back hunting with dogs, relax the laws for gun ownership, reduce Trade Union rights and that’s before we get to his views on immigration. So just the same as the SNP*

*Some statements may contain sarcasm.

No matter how loud Labour scream Tartan Tories, no one outside a small minority who already vote for them, believes them.  I would say that trying to tar the SNP with a UKIP brush is laughable, except we know the some of the right-wing media will love it. The irony of these being the the same media who promote UKIP’s ideology doesn’t seem to dawn on them.

Next there was this:

“For nationalists, the welfare of the place and the people isn’t paramount. The nation is. The nation, its powers and prestige, is what matters.  And in the minds of nationalists that’s because the Scots are somehow special.”

I have lost count of the amount of times I have countered “The SNP are anti-English” by pointing out I am SNP and English – yeah I regularly go home and self-loathe.

The joy of being pro-indy in Scotland it that is not nationalistic, not in the way he means. There are comments about of getting out from Westminster’s control but as they stagger from one fuck-up to another that seems  a highly rational approach.

What independence is about for me is closer control of the government, any legislator is more accountable to a individual when they are 1 in 5 million, rather than 1 in 65 million.  If I want to ask my MSP something I can do – it’s beside the point I can now also do that with my MP, I couldn’t with Tom Harris, he saved his replies to my letters to the day they recessed prior to the May election.

Then to one of his final paragraphs

“The SNP, believing Scotland deprived, restricted and dictated to by the UK, nevertheless enthusiastically desires to share power with European nations other than England and Wales.  And UKIP steadfastly defends the merits of the multi-nation state which is the UK but refuses the very idea of a looser union with other Europeans nations.”

One, an independent Scotland in Europe would have more representation than it currently does as a region of the UK.

Two, UKIP defends a multi-nation state! Really?  UKIP sees Scotland and Wales as lesser, I believe one of their policies is to disband both the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

I will however agree with him partially on one point, I do think the drive for independence is fulled by “the experience of seeing power and wealth being appropriated by the self-serving actions of a tiny corporate and governmental elite, destroying our common welfare.”

However to me at least  Labour are part of the problem and not the cure. Deregulation of the banks, the introduction of PFIs, Bedroom Tax, Work Capability Assessments, Student Loans, allowing big business to avoid paying tax (all cheered on by the Conservatives) plus introducing Tax Credits (essential for many households now) but ultimately subsidising businesses from allowing them to avoiding having to pay adequate wages.

I can’t think how they got the nickname Red Tories, these are such socialist actions. It’s amazing how much they dislike name calling when they coined “Tartan Tories” in an effort to rewrite history and hide the ineptitude of the Callaghan Government.

So that’s me off again, expect regular rants between now and May.


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