Oh noes


So last night I was blocked by Daisley – obviously I cried myself to sleep over it.

I know, I know I should not rise to the bait and I don’t normally bother reading the deranged utterances he comes out with these days, but the constant repeat of SNP hate the English just grates. There may be still the occasional idiot in the party, but there are racist bigots in every party, hey it’s the founding principles for some.

As I stated in my last piece, there is a difference between not wanted to be ruled as a region by Westminster, with it’s archaic, corrupt cronyism and hating the English. There’s a few in English people in England that also want to get rid of the current system.

I’d come home to see a number of fellow English SNPers state they had been blocked for daring to point out the flaws in his narrative, i.e. there a lot of us in the party, and so I tweeted this:


Instant block. Kind of ironic really.

The advantage is that now it will be easier to avoid his mad proclamations. I stopped following him after his classic “the left-wing are all antisemitic” the other month. Again there is a difference between not liking what a government does and a whole race.

I used to follow him as he was funny during the referendum, but this last year he has got more waspish, bitter and in some cases totally raving. There is a coterie of Scottish journalists who are having to face that they are no longer the voice of the people (if indeed they ever were) and they don’t like it.

They are obsessed with Twitter despite hating that the public can interact with them and tell them directly when they think they are wrong. Some have built their careers around other people’s tweets and believe that they can set the public tone by deciding what’s important. But you can stick your ice lollies, obsessions with minority parties (if 3 men count as a party) and oh so carefully cultivated snark.

Add to this the simpering adoration of a children’s author – can you imagine journalists of the past sucking up to Enid Blyton? No neither can I.  I don’t like her and her ever so carefully set up Twitter fights every time she wants publicity – which is getting to be very regular – I think the word I’m looking for is needy.  I’ve read the books – they’re ok if derivative – and defended her because she encouraged children to read (and annoyed evangelicals.) These days those stories are spoilt for me, it’s like when I found out Charlon Heston was President of the NRA, everything he did was suddenly tarnished.

I don’t want a American style celebrity based politics and media, I want to hear from people who experience life, not those stuck and bored in a gilded cage.




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