Tories, what are they like?


It dawned on me today that I have written about the LibDems (remember them? Useless party – almost wiped out in May 2015 – lost £170K in deposits – has a liar for an MP for Orkney & Shetland) and also Labour (lets’s not go there, right now) but not really that much about the Conservative Party.

I think it’s because I hate the Tories as a reflex action like breathing, it’s not something I think about. I am aware that there are some nice people who vote Tory – I don’t understand it and hope one day they will leave The Dark Side – but I know they do it out of some belief that the Tories will improve things. (They are also No voters, what can you do? We have blazing rows intense discussions about almost everything, but we always make up afterwards)

Trying to point out why I disagree with the Conservative Party is a huge task, I mean it’s a fundamentally opposing ideological point of view to the ones I hold – or more simply, they are a bunch of heartless, corrupt, nest-feathering, sociopaths. I think I’ve avoided it because of the sheer immensity of the task. Who am I to write about this toxic car-crash of a government, a group of people who seem to be intent on selling off all our national assets whist trumpeting British Values.

For me, the Tories start with Thatcher, as a child of the 70s her gaining power is the first political memory I have. I remember the blackouts under Callaghan’s government but wasn’t aware of the reason at the time, every so often the power would cut and we would have to use candles. To a 9 year old, the election of a woman PM seemed vaguely interesting, but not that important.

By the time she left power “that bloody woman” stood for everything I detested. The only positive thing I could ever say about her was she had more balls than her scheming cabinet put together, possibly due to her politically castrating so many of them.  The Major years were next, with a Conservative party beset by scandal, ripping itself apart over Europe – no change there.

Yes I celebrated when Blair got into power, to be honest I think everyone was so sick of 18 years of Tory rule, a chimp could have been elected.  Who knew then that he and Brown – despite some good things – would continue so much of her work. Then the wheel turned again and we come to this current batch.

What can you say? The Tories are now back in the grasp of the “born to rule” elite, not ruling because they want to make the world a better place, but because it’s their destiny or some shit like that. Unlike the Conservative Party of old, which if you squinted at funnily you could  – on a good day – say that they were trying to rule things for the good of “the country”(whatever that means) in a broadly paternalistic way.  This bunch are fully infused with the Thatcher spirit and taking things further than even she would ever have dared.  They burnt £50 notes in front of the poor when in the Bullington Club and are now doing it to the country as a whole.

Look at them, this front bench.

At any given time could you name which one you hate the most – ok  Ian Duncan Smith. Obvious. Stupid question. The man is Nosferatu. For someone who supposedly had an epiphany in Easterhouse, this so-called Christian man is responsible for widespread misery and death. He frightens the disabled, the sick, the poor, and will probably be coming for the old next.

The staff in his Jobcentres (haha – what a misnomer that is) main duty is to sanction the unemployed, and now they’ve pushed as many as they could into self-employment, will now target them for not earning enough, at the same time wasting money on private companies who are worse than no help at all in putting people into work. And if you need help and call them, well they will charge you 45p a minute for the privilege. Probably trying to cover the cost of his ridiculous Universal  Credit debacle.

But after that?

David Cameron – I.  Can’t. Even. His smug face. “It’s like this” – no it’s not you over-privileged arse.  “It’s the right thing to do”  – is it? Is it really? How many people will die because of your government’s decisions, either here or abroad? YOU are responsible, no one else.

George Osborne – the man who is conducting a fire sale of the UK’s assets to his friends (but despite being Chancellor still can’t manage to get his family’s company to pay tax.)

Theresa May – I’d call her Cruella, but at least the Disney character had a sense of humour. Her office is deporting vulnerable people, most recently a 92 year old widow. And let’s not forget her banker husband, who is involved with G4S, a company who despite a catalogue of errors STILL gets government contracts.

Philip Hammond  – recently said “North Korea seem to think possessing a nuclear weapon makes them safe. In fact it’s the opposite. Having a nuclear weapon makes them a target.” Hold the bus? What was that now? But it’s ok for us to have Faslane?

Michael Gove  – ok I’ll admit he appears to be undoing Grayling’s damage in Justice, but he was horrific in Education. His Troops to Teachers scheme cost £4.3million and got 28 new teachers.

Michael Fallon  – who wants Human Rights to be abolished in the fight against terrorism. No that’s not a slippery slope, is it?

Jeremy Hunt – makes Lansley seem likable. On a one man crusade to destroy and sell off the NHS. Manages to piss off junior doctors so much they vote 98% in favour of strike action. 98%! I think that would even be successful under the Trade Union Laws they are trying to implement.

Chris Grayling – the New Statesman asked if he was the most incompetent member of the government?

Oliver Letwin – supposedly a big brain, just a pity he never uses it, another contender for most incompetent.

Nicky Morgan – the equalities minister who’s against same-sex marriage, and wants to promote Christianity in schools.

David Mundell  – the man who got his job because he’s the last Scottish Tory standing.

Elizabeth Truss – in charge of the environment and pro foxhunting, badger culling, bee killing pesticides.

Amber Rudd – who seems to think her remit in covering climate change is to increase it.

There are others but I’m afraid at this point I lost the will to go on.  The best you can say is that they are inept, but the majority seems hell-bent on destroying the welfare state and turning the population against one another demonising groups, whether they are asylum seekers, the disabled, the ill, doctors, nurses, fireman, single parents, large families, unemployed, under employed, teachers, social workers.

Cameron stated talking about Broken Britain in 2007, but as far as I can see we are in a hell of a worse state now than we ever were then. We being those not employed in the City of London, and no I don’t mean the cleaners, waiters, etc.

There are just so many things about this government that pisses me off, and now I have taken this first step the rest of the mountain doesn’t seem so hard to tackle. And it will make a change from grumbling at Labour.



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