And we’re off?

oh no

So Cameron has fired the starting pistol, and you know what, after my previous angst here and here, things suddenly became clear today.

Last night the media circus around Johnson was farcical, and the thought of another 4 months of this; the media re-wording and condensing 2 years of Project Fear between here and June is just mind-numbing. We’ve been though it in Scotland, and fairly immune now – personally I have a checklist – and England has seen it to some extent with the last election and Corbyn’s leadership, but I really don’t think they realise fully what is coming.

This morning I was able to step away, have a few hours completely distracted after which stepping out into the Glasgow sunshine I realised I don’t give a fuck which side various politicians are on, the Bastard Tories and other associated media whores are only out to further their political careers/business interests.

If ever there was a debate when you wanted both sides to lose, this is it. I think we should put these so-called leaders in a inflatable dinghy, push them out into the Atlantic and .. well that’s it really. The country would be a much better place without them all.

We have Farage, who considers himself a “big beast” despite never wining anything. I doubt he thinks it will be easier to debate Nicola than Salmond – she’s already wiped the floor with him once – I think he hopes she will refuse. He’s like a bantam cockerel, pretends it’s top of the farmyard when actually it carefully avoids pissing off anything that could squash it.  Then there’s Galloway, an ego wearing a hat. Just fuck off you insignificant nasty little shite.

I’d like to say rounding off the group of White, Entitled, Arrogant, Middle-Aged Men (WEAMAM?) is Boris Johnson, but unfortunately there are so many more in this debate. Johnson, the man so ably summed up by Eddie Mair, the man who was supposidly a natural In has jumped ship once it became obvious that the majority of BTs were supporting Out. The transparency and breadth of his greed and ambition is breathtaking. Another one who thinks he was born to rule.

On the In side there is Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn, (and the LibDems I think – who knows, who cares?) I doubt Nicola told Cameron to stay out of Scotland – I think even he can work out what damage he does to any campaign up here – but I cannot imagine her sharing a platform with any of them or their deputies.

So we have the BTs about to start full civil war – I love that, there’s no innocent victims when they get the knives out – and a lacklustre Labour party.  It’s not very inspiring for the future of the UK, especially we have to rely on the House of Lords to temper the excesses of these maniacs. *cough* Did someone complain about unelected decision-makers?

All the different permutations of voting -unless by some miracle all the parts of the UK vote In – will result in continued constitutional upheaval for YEARS, and lets face it the Out team will never shut up about it, and why should they? I don’t intend to stop working for an iScotland.

So for me it’s do I want to be a subject in a region of a stand alone UK, or given time hopefully a citizen in an iScotland who decides by itself whether it wants to continue as part of the EU. It’s a no-brainer for me, there’s no way I want to live in a country that has Iain Duncan Smith unfettered by EU regulations. The EU is far from perfect, and TTIP scares me, but the alternative scares me more.

So unless there are some outstanding cases of hypocrisy in statements in EURef compared to what was said in IndyRef, this will hopefully be my last piece.

Hahahahaha – yeah it’s going to be weekly, isn’t it?


As I posted this Cameron said he was looking forward to taking his message to Scotland – FFS the man is a moron.



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