The last gasps?


Last year, I wrote about the election of Tim Farron to leadership of the LibDems, and apart from the occasional comment about the Liar Carmichael that’s been it.

It looks like I’ve been kind.

I know we all like to chuckle at Willie Rennie, and it’s easy to feel sorry for him – I mean he’s leader of the “Scottish” LibDems because no one else wanted to be, replacing Tavish Scott after a disastrous election in 2011. They dropped from 16 seats to 5 which looks good compared to their last General Election performance.  He was elected as an additional member for Mid Scotland and Fife with 5.9% of the regional list vote. Now that’s a remit that makes Cameron look popular.

I have to admit I dislike Farron because I believe he is homophobic and doesn’t even have the courage of his convictions to admit it, making him the worst type of politician – a hypocrite – sheer coincidence he’s a LibDem too.   When it comes to Scottish politics, he is like so many Westminster politicians who rather than trying to identify why they are failing miserably in Holyrood pays far too much attention to their parochial MSPs who can’t understand shouting #SNPBad doesn’t work.

Anyway, the LibDems have had a Spring Conference in Edinburgh, (the main one is in York in March) although you’d not know looking at their own website or in the  Guardian or Independent – although with the latter two I’m not sure if that reflects on the media’s view of the party or of Scotland? The only place I could find anything outwith Scottish journalists was the BBC.

Like the majority of the country I was quite happily let it me pass me by, but then yesterday they voted for an amendment which backs “lifting the moratorium on planning and licensing for unconventional oil and gas extraction.” There has been some backpedaling since then  in “that the conference had not fully understood the complex motions and amendments. They had thought they were stressing the need to rely upon science.”

Well, THAT’S OKAY THEN! Your conference delegates are too stupid to understand the proposition being put to them. That fills me with so much confidence. It’s times like these I feel sorry for Rennie (who voted against), even he sees how stupid and self-destructive this is and he said Carmichael “deserved a second chance.”

Then it appears Rennie doesn’t think the #SNPBad line is being pushed hard enough so he’s stating that the SNP and Conservatives are “two peas in a pod” because they both obsess about independence and they propped each other up with competing scare stories. I can’t even get angry any more – it is pathetic.

  1. Which party worked in coalition with the Tories in Westminster and Better Together?
  2. During the last 18 months the SNP are the party that’s talked least about the next referendum. Yes, their supporters are, but the party doesn’t need to.

That was Friday, so what happened today?

It was a nice day, so I’ve been out and then came home to a series of Tim Farron quotes that resulted in me writing this – it’s all his fault.

Um, well I could post pictures of SNP Conference but I feel that would be crass and unsporting.

“Our” benches? If I remember correctly his party was sat with the Tories last time.

Sigh, grievance & division ticked off yet again. Again I won’t comment on the gentility of BritNats.


Sorry, with that I am done, and I imagine so are the LibDems in Scotland.


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