Time flies..


And I am having fun.

The meteorologists may say Spring is already here and the equinox is only  a few weeks away but my body clock has been telling me for a couple of weeks that the darkness has receded enough.

I still love my bed but I’m no longer hiding away in it.

Coffee – rather than being essential to getting me moving – now has me bouncing off the walls (I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for my exuberance at work last Thursday – I promise from now on there will only be 1 cup in the half hour before starting not 2 and definitely not followed up with Irn Bru.)

I feel positive and that’s great.  Life is possibly coming together – I’m busy but don’t feel like I’m drowning any more. I am getting on top of the to-do pile plus there are opportunities opening up and not just for me, for people I love too.

I’ll admit it, I like seeing other people do well and I love if I can get 2 people together that can help one another – I am crap at self-promotion it’s so much easier cheering on others.

A short post today, I’ll be ranting again soon as there’s no deficit in possible topics. Sometimes the main problem is picking which one to do.




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