Why not go all the way?


There’s no one like our “beloved” Prime Minister for a “good” PR exercise, and this latest one is truly special. He  is going to re-register the party as the Conservative and Unionist Party a name it has not gone under (UK wide) since 1965 – see they are forward thinking, that’s at least 10 years more advanced on UKIP.

What is the point? The Scottish Conservative branch already been using it as a descriptor whereas the English really don’t care that much. It will be Scottish Conservatives & Unionists up here (and we all know which sectors of society that will appeal to) and Conservatives south of the border.

I think he needs to go further, stand up for what he really believes in. Although some in may prefer the British Values Empire Party, I think they should re-brand for exactly what they stand for:

The Conservative, Unionist & National Trust Party.

Easy to remember, in fact it’s how most people I know refer to them anyway.

Oh yeah, and the reason he’s gracing us with his presence?  It’s the Scottish Conservative Conference this weekend. They’ve emptied the old folks home in Edinburgh and bused them in to cheer.

I will say one thing, they’ve been more sensible in their room choice, making sure everyone sits together for the photos – either that or they are more popular than the Lib Dems. Oh yeah…

We’ve already had the one-party state guff – I’m sorry the Tories have a Westminster majority on 36.8% of the vote. What was it Stewart Hosie said “Scotland is not a one-party state; it’s just our opponents are unelectable.”

That is the difference, Holyrood elections are more representative and that’s why the non-SNP party leaders are MSPs now.

  • Ruth Davidson  – “Scottish” Conservatives – list candiate – 6.1%
  • Patrick Harvie – Scottish Greens – list candidate – 6.0%
  • Kezia Dugdale  – “Scottish” Labour – 2 of 3  on their list – 24.9%
  • Willie Rennie – “Scottish” Liberal Democrat –  list candidate – 5.9%

Oh and where’s Nicola Sturgeon – she stood as a constituency candidate and got 54.4% of the vote, as a comparative David Cameron got 36.9% in the last General Election.

The final thing I’ll leave you with is Ruth Davidson says Europe won’t split her party, could someone pass the popcorn please?


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