If I were in charge



Dear gods, can you imagine?!

However I have as much chance of being First Minister on the 6th May as the majority of  aspirants. Granted they are standing for election whereas I’m not, but I think I have as much chance of walking out of Bute House to rapturous applause as say Willie Rennie.

So what’s brought about this megalomania?

Well this is my 50th post, so I felt like a bit of a ramble. Also I could not face talking about GERS – it’s better that those who know what they are talking about discuss it – my point of view on the stats are probably as relevant as those of your local pet shop owner.  As for those gloating that it shows Scotland couldn’t stand on its own two feet, my response is always that it shows how mismanaged Scotland has been in this union. An iScotland would have different priorities and wouldn’t be contributing to Trident, HS2 etc.

I’m also still a bit narky over seeing so many parties saying that they must push the SNP on whatever their latest bugbear is (hello, still only a devolved parliament – can we please start having a go at the Tories please?) so I thought I work though what my priorities actually are. In no particular order:

  1. Nuclear free.
    • I’d like nuclear to go poof – well maybe not poof- but I’d like it gone. The weapons, the power industry, with only medical use left. It is an accident waiting to happen AGAIN.
  2. More renewables.
    • Solar, wind, tidal, we have so much potential in this country and we should be setting an example.
  3. Fracking.
    • NO FRACKING WAY EVER. In fact I’d like every pro-fracker to drink this water.
  4. A citizen’s income.
    • How to re-invest in our people, give people the opportunity to live without fear of the dreaded brown envelope, reduce a monstrous bureaucracy and provide a safety-net for creativity and entrepreneurs. People could take the risk of trying new things, new businesses with that type of safety net.
  5. NHS
    • Keep it out of TTIP – in fact keep TTIP out of everything.
  6. Land reform.
    • This I can get incredibly wound up over – how can so few people own so much? 50% Scotland owned by 608 people, 20% by less than 20. The subsidies for grouse moors plus the pheasant’s ever changing tax status really pisses me off. I know I always go on about small steps but this is an issue I would like faster change.
    • Scotland is huge, if we broke up the large estates, we could increase the populations in those areas plus
      • More trees
      • More rewilding (including reintroduction of native predators)
    • Linked with this – farm subsidies – a maximum payment.
      • These subsidies do more good when targeted at smaller farmers not the big estates.
      • Also link to environmental good practice.
    • DICTATOR ALERT – I would also ban factory farming.
  7. Rent control & set housing standards.
    • The UK housing market is insane, we have enough buildings to home everyone and yet we have homelessness & slum landlords.
  8. Better public transport.
    • Buses and trains are so much better in Glasgow than the public transport I was used to in England, but there is always vast room for improvement throughout the country.
  9. Republic.
    • Kind of obvious after my feelings on land reform but finding out the UK is still technically a theocracy (about 3 minutes in) was the icing on my republican cake.
    • I’ve been avoiding covering #CleanForTheQueen but if they start pushing it again I may not be able to resist.
  10. It’s the big one, an iScotland.
    • I had no idea I could feel so passionate this but I do. Obviously I don’t hate England or the English, but I feel Westminster/Whitehall is bad for the UK as a whole, that it doesn’t give a damn for anything outside London/SE and more particularly the City.
    • So much of the above list still falls under Westminster’s control, and I know the current government aren’t likely to implement any of them.
    • I still believe iScotland could show there is an alternative to these stupid, short-sighted, business before people policies.  I don’t see it as a panacea to all our ills – it would involve a lot of hard work but what a thing to be working for.


The list could be longer – oh boy MUCH longer – it’s not like I blog because I don’t have an opinion on stuff, but these were the ones that immediately came to mind.


Image: Cat Queen by Christina Hess


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