A series of micro-rants


This has been one of those weeks where there has been so much to write/rant about and not enough time to do it.

So in summary….

Tuesday – SNP Abstaining on  Investigatory Powers Bill (Snoopers Charter)

I don’t like MPs abstaining, my immediate gut feeling is that they are elected to have an opinion. It nearly winds me up as much as people who don’t vote in elections – of course you “do” politics – you pay tax and use services, living is political.

Luckily for me (and Stewart MacDonald) I didn’t have time to rant Tuesday teatime and by the time I got home this excellent blog had been written on #TalkingMince.  You really should follow, she doesn’t blog often but they are worth waiting for.

I get that the party is applying pressure for changes, but I still feel a vote against would have been a stronger message, especially as Labour abstained. (Now that’s a shock.) I suppose abstaining once is not that big a deal, but please don’t make a habit of it. It feels weird when the LibDems can take the moral high ground.

I feel this is a intrusive, impractical and unworkable bill that deserves strangling at birth.  Also I think opposing anything that Theresa May supports has to be a good rule of thumb.

A plus side of the complaining shows that there is a very vocal section of the membership who will hold the elected members to account on this and other subjects – so much for the hive mind.

The SNP aren’t a radical party, but there I believe/hope there are enough left wingers in the the new intake to keep it moving that way. We’ll see what happens after May, and whether they get a big enough mandate to be more daring.

Wednesday – PMQs

I caught 5 minutes of this at lunchtime, I admire anyone who can watch this regularly because to be honest I couldn’t wait to get away. Seeing smarmy Cameron not even attempt to answer Corbyn’s questions was beyond exasperating. I think the Speaker should reinforce that this is Prime Minister’s Questions and that he is there to answer them, not grandstand.

Wednesday – Budget

Ah yes, I woke with a overpowering sense of dread and wasn’t let down. I used to follow them in detail but these days it’s too much. I have to cope with a new bit each day because it’s just too depressing.

I’ve given up hoping that this bunch of sociopaths are unaware what their policies are doing to the vulnerable in this country. They know and not only don’t they care, they seem to revel in it.

We are not “all in it together” when cuts to the disabled support are used to lower the tax for higher earners. We know who are in it together, the 1% are rolling in money and the other 99% are drowning in shit.

The knowledge that disabled charities are forcing Tory MPs out as patrons is not much comfort the loss of prestige may be considered as I doubt they have consciences to prick.

I still don’t understand how Osborne keeps his job, he hasn’t met any of the targets set, even the ones he set himself. I suppose it helps having a media so easily distracted. Sugar tax on fizzy drinks, well as long as Jamie Oliver is happy. If you want to help the health of “our children” how about make sure the poorest in society have a roof over their heads and enough money to keep themselves warm AND fed.

Thursday – FMQs

Well at least Kezia is good for a laugh – although the joke is getting a bit flat now.

Scottish Labour please -if she does manage to retain her seat and branch office leadership – could you provide her with more than one question at FMQs.


William Windsor was interviewed this week, he said “there is a place for commercial hunting in Africa as there is around the world”

Currently there are 1,500 wild male lions with 300 per annum allowed to be taken for hunting. Targeting male lions aged 6 years old is not a cull of the old and weak but of fertile males as this is when they reach their maturity. This is not sustainable.

If Mr Windsor and others wish to enjoy the hunt, I suggest they go out on foot armed solely with a knife, not from the back of jeep with a high powered hunting rifle with sights.

Now that would be a sign of their prowess.

And finally

Gordon Brown is going to make a major intervention in the EU referendum. I’m sure there there is a standard press release where they just scribble in a subject. (Be grateful I didn’t go for my initial reaction.)

In case you forgot, here’s the last one.





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