The Dreads


I’ve been trying to write about the “Scottish” Labour Party conference. But really what can you say?

The party that could once have claimed one party state status has it’s Spring conference in a cinema. A nice one mind you, but a maximum seating of 370. At least they avoided the empty seats embarrassment of the LibDems.

But I can’t find any emotion talking about them. Labour in Scotland will depend on list candidates. I’m getting past the permanent anger I’ve felt for them last few years.

To be honest I miss it. Getting up and feeling angry has kept me going. This week the dreads has hit me . This overwhelming sense of doom has been building.

It may be because we could have been leaving this damn union. When I think of the hope I felt 18 months ago and now we have at least another 4 years of Tory rule.

Yes, IDS resigning on Friday was wonderful especially as he looks like he’s started another round of in party fighting. But how quickly was he replaced seem another expenses claiming, austerity cheerleader.

I try to be positive, but I admit that hope seems very far away today.

I know I’m lashing out at people who don’t deserve it, I only hope they forgive me as I have a lot of apologising to do. (Again)



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