Facts please?

Another attack, this time in Brussels and has the media learnt anything from the last time? No of course not.

24 hour news is amazing, social media is incredible for getting the “story” out there quick, and people can be kept up to date on the latest so easily. I realise this puts pressure on our journalists to stay one step ahead, to get something that will attract the public’s attention as they become just another voice amongst the clamouring throng.

I woke, not only to the news of this attack but to a media already setting up a narrative. They did this with the Paris Attacks and were proved wrong after the fact. Even though the migrant accusations were proved wrong and the corrections reported, the headlines will stick in people’s minds more. All this supposition does is heighten people’s fear, distrust and eventual hatred.

There are journalists asking if people shouted in Arabic? And then reports start that there was. No leading there. For fucks sake it is an international airport and an explosion has just happened! There will be people shouting in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, can you honestly expect people to pick out a specific language?  No the media is planting ideas in witnesses heads. Eyewitness reports can often be distorted and people remember what they think they should have seen.

Then there’s all the requests for photos with the ubiquitous “stay safe” comments. This false concern sickens me. You want the story, you want a picture, that’s it.

Next, the politicians/columnists using it to promote their agendas. I’m not showing the tweets, they piss me off too much. Jeez, even Kay Burley sees it as a bit much.

It’s the usual subjects, Galloway, Robinson, random Telegraph columnist (I’d never heard of her before & never want to hear from her again) although I was disappointed to see Tom Gallagher jump on the bandwagon – maybe he has a book out soon and needs the publicity.

And now I’ve just seen the biggest sob story re this incident, the shareholders! Gods sake, really? Except it’s no surprise, money is everything.

So what will happen next? Cameron has announced a COBRA meeting – can you imagine his excitement? He gets to play at being an international statesman. There will be something very serious said in his most somber voice and Theresa May will use this as an excuse to push the IP Bill through. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I do expect they will make the most of it. An additional plus is that it takes the heat off domestic problems.

So to protect our way of life we will need to curtail our rights and freedoms, and probably go bomb somewhere.


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