Oh the lolz


April Fools day and I am hiding away from the worst of corporate-approved jollity. When it gets to Farage announcing he’s joining the Remain campaign you know humour has given up, gone home and is drinking heavily.

At least  Scottish Labour is good for a laugh although not intentionally. I checked their twitter feed –  you can thank me later – their April Fool was as joyless as to be expected.

No it’s their recent policy tweaks…

In the last few days they have changed their minds on their “don’t-call-it-a-council tax” rebate system  or at least I think they have, the amount of spinning that both Blair McDougall & Duncan Hothesall have been doing you’d think they were on a waltzer.  All do know I’m getting nauseously dizzy watching them.

As far as I can tell – and please correct me if I’m wrong –  there is £100 rebate for lower incomes, that was a one off, except it was annual and at the same time no longer necessary now those nice Tories tax alterations will kick in. I think we’ve gone beyond Schrodinger and are now talking parallel universes – although I can’t see them getting elected in any of them.

I believe they are still distributing leaflets stating the original policy from 2 weeks ago, which is fine as it’s probably what they will be saying again tomorrow.

If that wasn’t enough u-turns, yesterday Kezia changed her mind re the named persons legislation, a piece of legislation that has not changed since she voted for it.

She and the rest of her party.

No one voted against it.

Only one party abstained, the Tories who claim it is invasive – yes, that’s right the party of the IP Bill think this is invasive. It’s a pity they didn’t feel strongly enough to signal dissent during the legislative process. Maybe then this stance would look less like blatant electioneering.

(This is why parties shouldn’t abstain – and this time I’m looking at YOU, SNP.)

I know we are in the middle of an election campaign with a tight race for second place – seriously, putting “for a strong opposition” on your leaflets? – but politicking over child safety is tasteless.  Right now, Willie Rennie can actually claim the moral high ground in sticking to what he voted for.

This legislation will not be perfect, no legislation is, but it is an attempt to protect children and gives them someone they can go if required. Not every family under each named person will need assistance, but at least there is a starting point of contact if you do need help.

And to be honest I would rather a universal system be set up rather than targeting certain families, or demographics. That would be like an accusation, when we all know abuse can happen in any family no matter what the social strata.




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