What I did on my holidays…


Was realise how much I rely on the Internet. Not just for the laughs on Twitter but for the news, blogs and podcasts. You can only spend so much time lurking in pubs and coffee shops for free wifi because family time is supposed to be time with your family and it starts to looks like you are either a caffeine addict or alcoholic after a while.

Squinting to read Wee Ginger Dug on a small mobile phone takes a lot of the pleasure out of it and trying to stream podcasts was impossible (2G if I was lucky, often H and I’m not even sure what that means! Help?) I know this is a First World Problem but I am now aware just how much an habit/addiction I have. I’m not planning to do anything about it, I’m just more aware of it.

I remember getting my first mobile phone, through work and it was a brick, couldn’t even text back then. Now, I get twitchy if I can’t check my Twitter timeline every hour  half hour – dammit – ok constantly.  (I’ve always been into current affairs, when I was stuck in hospital prior to my daughter being born I had BBC News on all the time)

I like seeing stories break and develop, plus I like not having to rely on newspapers or the BBC. I can’t say I’ve watched a whole week of the news on the BBC; it got so frustrating that I switched off – which I always have the sneaking suspicion is what they want.

As for newspapers, well Dad reads the Mirror – for the sport and I assume it must be comprehensive because there’s pages and pages and pages of it. But news? Not so much, celebrity drivel and adverts with occasional bits of actual news amongst lots of opinion pieces from people who mean nothing to me.

So this weekend I will be diving back into the blogs I follow & basking in the wide range of voices I can access through alternative media.  I have missed each and everyone of them.  From the few times I did access this week did appear  to be more “WTF!?” than normal and that was prior to the Panama Papers being released.

Do I think Cameron will resign? Probably not, he outlasted Piggate, although again it is interesting to see who is defending him: John “I’m not a Tory” McTernan, Toby Young, and some Tory MP who wants to ban curtains if Cameron has the audacity to publish his tax returns – guess we should check if his name is on the list too.

The Tory Party & donors are neck deep in this, and I would imagine there are some in the Labour Party who aren’t far behind. If Cameron goes, he will only be replaced by another entitled waste of space either Johnson or Osborne. I don’t know if May is in the same league as the Bullington Boys, same goes for Gove, but somehow I can’t see the Tories selecting either of them.

It seems to be a common opinion that politics in the UK is deeply entrenched and that they are “all in it together.” I cannot see how this legal corruption will be overturned. It needs a damn good clear out of the careerists and elitists. Who knows maybe this EU referendum will destroy the Tories as the factions short-sightedly jostle to get their guy as leader. It’s a fight some MPs have been planning a very long time.

It may eventually break up the union – now that’s something I would vote for.


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