Here we go again


Being off Twitter for most of last week I thought I was going to miss the latest round of comment, counter comment, open letter to, and ALL the rest of of the shite that we seem to regularly inflict ourselves with, but no it’s all kicking off again.

I like social media, I am addicted to the Scottish politics social media bubble and  I appreciate & support our alt-media in most of its forms, but for gods sake can we stop with all this childishness?

It’s bad enough David Torrence writes his article EVERY SODDING WEEK – and while I’m at it Kevin Hague has an column? WTF! – but now we have a monthly cycle over whether or not it’s ok to criticise the SNP.

What amazes me is it is the ones with the biggest platforms that seem to be the ones who say they are being silenced the most.  I don’t know about anyone else, but the amount of people standing up demanding to be heard is deafening and I am sick of tripping over all the fucking toys being thrown out of prams.

Yes, you have an opinion and you have the right to express it but remember the same goes for EVERYBODY ELSE, this “I must have the last word” attitude is what turns people off politics, and the bickering on Twitter is fucking infantile.

This is not a #WheestForIndy article, but if you are going to speak up can you at least say something new? We are having the same arguments over and over and over again and it is so boring. Views are entrenched, you won’t change peoples minds over parties but you may turn them off voting completely.

And you know what’s so bad? I’m repeating myself now, I wrote about this in January! We aren’t moving on as a group.

I don’t give a damn who you give your vote to it’s none of mine or anyone else’s business. (I’m assuming you are voting for a pro-indy party if you read this, if not I will complain about your politicians) Win votes for your party through policies not bitching, because that doesn’t work.

We have just over 3 weeks to the election, can we not schism any further in that time?


Featured image: Earth Serpent by Jen Delyth – Celtic Art Studio


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