The Boring Election


Oh. My. Gawd. We still have 10 days to go until the election! I like politics, I admit I can be such a nerd over it – I only do this blog to stop boring people in the street (sorry again Isla) but this in no fun at all!

There’s no real discussion about policies or manifestos, although it’s going to be interesting to see which version of recent u-turns go into the much awaited Labour one. I say much awaited but that shows  just how boring this has become.

When the best bit is interviews of party leaders by a fictional character or is that fictional leaders? Ponders branch office status for four of them and Spectre links to the Greens.

There’s no meat to any of the discussion, the media swings between the BuzzFeedification of photo opportunities and the tactical voting squabbling – and I am not going there again (again) especially as Arc of Prosperity did a great piece.

Seriously, why did Willie Rennie have to be involved with pigs, what does that say about the LibDems apart from remind us of their time in office with the Tories. And then there’s Ruth, not on a tank this time but on a buffalo.

As far as I’m aware Kezia has not gone down the animal route.  That’s maybe due to the armour she’s having to wear to defend against her own party who are (rumour has it) already planning on replacing her with Anas Sarwar – yes that’s right the one who got kicked out on his arse last year. One thing you can say about the Labour party is that it will test an idea to destruction even if it results in the annilation of itself as a political force

Being distracted and possibly fending off backstabber Curran is the only excuse I can give for some of the dreadful tweets she’s come out with over the weekend. As i said in my last post, Kezia came across really well in her interview, but any goodwill I had quickly dissipated after these.

The second one is pinned to her page. Both tweets are in my opinion unnecessary, juvenile, leave her wide open to derision and shows what she learnt from George Foulkes.

Despite all the parties saying they are going to hold the SNP to account I don’t actually see much of it going on – I want firm, sensible, fully costed alternatives as I’m sure so do many others. I think the Greens have come up with some good ideas although I wish they would get the level of publicity that some of the smaller parties have received.

The media in general seem to be determined to switch off the electorate’s interest by making this election as boring as possible. I know there is good analysis / commentary  out there – I don’t just mean in that I agree with it – it just takes a little longer to find it.

The daily publication I enjoy reading the most right now is the Holyrood magazine (insert quick plug for @iScotNews which is monthly, otherwise I get comments form their editor) Mandy Rhodes did a nice piece on the Baby Box  with some pertinent comments on Labour’s position at present.  I like how Mandy writes and to be honest the woman deserves a medal for her patience in dealing with both George Foulkes and David Coburn.

So just over a week to go, and to be honest I think all we will see is a few constituency Labour seats swap to list and the opposite for SNP. I would like a couple more Greens, and obviously a few less LibDems & Tories. I still don’t get how anyone can vote for the Tory party unless they are related to the candidates.

If the Tories come second it will only show how far Labour have sunk in Scotland, and whilst I despise the bunch that stand for them now part of me will still be sad over that.  And while I do try to stick to the “vote for who you believe in” line if you vote for UKIP you are an idiot.  I mean look at him!

I’m hoping this will be my last mewse about this election, but somehow I doubt it.



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