Deja Vu

This tweet showed up this afternoon as a memory on Facebook, and I’m aware how suitable it is again.  Makes me think I must always lose the will to go on at this point during an election. IndyRef was so much more fun.

Today has been a fairly normal Saturday, a lie in followed by a quick walk into Shawlands to pick up a few bits. As I approached Kilmarnock Road I saw Labour leaflets scattered by a litterbin. At that point I could feel the rage build inside me, not just at the litter but at the thought of seeing Labour activists.  They’d been out a couple of weeks ago and I’m aware I’d snarled about Trident at the woman who tried to give me a leaflet. It made the man walking past laugh.

I don’t know if they had a stall and left early, or whether the leaflets had been dumped in despair by an activist (or postman) but when I got round the corner the only party I could see was the Greens who got a much better reaction out of sheer relief.

My depth of feeling towards Labour still astounds me, this was a party I had voted for in the past until the full horror of Blair unfolded. (I then swapped to the LibDems – I know, I’m sorry, but I was in England at the time.)   It is since the referendum that this hatred has grown. There aren’t many things/people I can say I truly hate – it always seems to be such a destructive emotion – but Labour, in particular its Scottish branch has achieved it.

They are so inept, so entitled, so deaf, so lost and so wrong.

And what pisses me off the most is because of this we could end up with Ruth Davidson as leader of the opposition here. Let’s just think about that for a second, Labour are so shite that the Conservatives could come second, admittedly a distant second but even so, the party that has increased in-work poverty, homelessness, foodbanks, and suicides stand a slim chance of being the second largest party in Scotland.

Just what idiots are voting for these sociopaths?

Ruth keeps banging on about how she’s going to stand up and defend the Union against the nasty separatists, but I ask how does being British make up for the dire mismanagement of the UK?   (Pedant warning – even with a iScotland, we would still be British as it’s a geographical area)

You’ll be fine under a Tory administration if you are a millionaire or have a title, but they don’t care about the rest of us. And if you are disabled, sick or in need, well they’d prefer if you can die somewhere tidy out of the way. The increase in pauper funerals is another damming sign of this government.

In what world does the Labour party not offer a practical alternative to austerity? Oh yes, this one.

They tacked so far right under Blair & Brown that so many of the current batch see the term socialist as an insult. The UK party now has a leader that people actually like, who offers an alternative and hope in England, so what do the Parliamentary Labour Party do? They plot to bring him down.  I’m not quite sure what their overall aim is, but currently they act like parasites sucking the life out of the party even though in the end it will finish them all off.

Right now the Police are preparing to prosecute 26 Tory MPs for electoral irregularities, as using their Battle Bus to spend more than they were allowed to in their constituencies.  This should be the top news item, but instead the Labour party has taken that by self-combusting AGAIN.

While it makes a change for us from seeing the uselessness of the Scottish branch, things are now so bad for them that the Herald has actually started attacking the Tories rather than the SNP.


I feel sorry for whoever runs Scottish Labour twitter almost everything they post can have the piss taken out of it including the picture above.

#KidsNotCuts – would help if they hadn’t voted against Scotland having the power over tax credits last year, and as for the breakfast club promise? Maybe would be more believable if the Labour run Glasgow City Council hadn’t just doubled their fees.

We’ll not mention the PFI built schools either… O.o

Housing. They build 6 houses in their last term of office. SIX!

As for Trident, oh they will raise it with the UK party. What fucking good will that do?

The only thing that the Tories and Labour is right about is that Scotland does need a strong opposition but that isn’t anything either of them can offer.

Stewart Hosie was right last December when he said “The issue here is we are not in a one-party state the way some of our opponents want to talk about; we are in a multi-party democratic system.  The fact that the other parties are effectively unelectable isn’t really our responsibility or fault.”

Ruth may try to brush Cameron out of the picture (or insist he is too busy playing tea parties with the Queen) but he hangs around her neck like an albatross. Anyone that votes for her thinking they will improve their lives (unless they are William Astor, Cameron’s father-in-law) will end up like BBCQT’s Teary Tory.

As for Kezia and the Labour Party, nothing will change until they finally stop shouting “we are listening” and actually start doing it. Anas Sarwar is a mistake, a huge one. Putting him on the list was stupid and electing him the next branch manager would be even more so.

I honestly do not think there will be a revival of the party up here until they realise their only hope is as a truly autonomous Scottish Labour party in an independent Scotland. But that won’t happen as the current batch of short-sighted party troughers will continue to cling on  like the persistent shits they are.

As for the LibDems, well despite what Farron thinks (hopes) I doubt that the #LibDemFightback is going to start in Scotland and Nick Clegg is not going to help them. No-one will forget that it was them that propped up the last government, and if he was aware at the time that Cameron viewed Scotland with “indifference” & “confrontation” he should have spoken up then.

As to the LibDems caring about devolution, the Phantom Power / James Kelly video on the Holyrood voting system shows how they with Labour designed the current system to work in their favour. So often it can be shown the LibDems have sold out their principles for ministerial cars.

To finish on an up note, I now have a new favourite part of the election Scottish Election – Board Game.






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