Oh well done.

mary poppins

With ALL the discussion over tactical voting and vote splitting I thought that the majority of people on Twitter would have some idea of how the D’Hondt system works.  But no there are some who seem not to have grasped the major point of it.

The number of votes on the List is divided by the number of seats already held by a party. Now some have with great pride been tweeting that they have spoiled their constituency vote rather than vote for the SNP who they believe are not radical enough.

This may (but not necessarily) mean that in some cases constituency seats are lost by the SNP to either Labour, the Tories and possibly the LibDems – who presumably are in these radical socialists’ view a preferable choice.

If this happens it means the SNP list votes will now be divided by a smaller number, which gives them a better chance for seats, and could in fact deprive these smaller parties of their list candidates getting elected.

I think that may be described as instant karma



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