Polling Day


It’s finally here, and I hope after today some of the fuckwitted zoomery we’ve had to put up with of the last few months comes to an end.

Nagging someone for their second vote was never going to work, nether was insulting their intelligence or saying they aren’t socialist enough. Jeez, what is it with the Left that there’s this constant pissing contest? “I’m more socialist than you.” “No, I’m the most radical.” What bollocks.

Work together on the things you agree on and stop bitching over the things you don’t. You don’t see right wingers proclaiming that they are a bigger heartless bastard than the next? (Osborne & IDS excluded, I’m not sure Osborne is even human after that last vine)

And breathe…

So in about 10 hours time I will go vote (I may like politics, but there’s no way I’m getting there at 7) I did dither a little over my second vote, but when it comes down to it for me there is no choice. I joined my party on the 19th September  – after spending a summer going “No, it’s not about the SNP” – as then I realised at that point that for me it was about them.

They are not perfect; there are things I disagree on, there are policies I want them to go further with, I know that in so many ways the Greens fit me better, but right now, I want Scotland away from Westminster and that won’t happen under a rainbow parliament. Any drop in SNP seats will be seized upon  by unionist parties and media, and I don’t want to feel on the 6th of May how I felt 20 months ago.

I’m not saying you should vote for them – it’s your vote and your decision – I’m saying this is the choice for me. Ultimately (and I’ve stolen this line from a friend) I want the SNP to become irrelevant, to split into its various wings – not how the Labour party is doing due to internal power struggles – because our guiding aim is achieved.

My votes for the SNP isn’t just about independence for Scotland, I vote for them because they are generally competent. It may not be exciting but after Labour’s PFI schools falling down, it will do for me.


Oh yeah, and they are building a bridge and it’s beautiful…bridge


So those are my reasons and I am comfortable with them.  It’s nice for me to be voting for something I support and not having to go for the least worst option.  You may not agree with my choice and that’s ok with me. This is a democracy. My main point is, as always PLEASE VOTE and for the party you believe in.

(just not Unionist)


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