Kick back and relax


I regularly post when I’m pissed off or down but tonight I feel relaxed and happy and just wanted to prove it does happen (and without wine.)

The last week or so I’ve felt as though I’ve been spread a bit thin – I didn’t even have time to canvass! Mid-afternoon today when the tiredness was really dragging me down I thought I was going to have to give up some of the things I do; I realise now I was just a bit low and since setting up my blanket nest on the sofa I feel much more positive that I can cope.

I’m tired for two reasons; mainly because I was stupid and stayed up till 5 am to follow the election results, but also because the gallery I volunteer at tonight opened a new cartoon art/comic book shop AND re-launched it’s Music Room record shop.

No matter how well we plan, the work to prepare a new space always takes up all the available time and lack of sleep plus 3 days painting walls caught up with me. Thanks to all the volunteers we made the deadline and as of tonight Art Village is now the largest indie art gallery in Scotland.

The opening itself was fun and it was good to see the work from the last few weeks come to fruition – although I did feel REALLY old compared to the DJs playing.  I hope these new spaces will bring more people to Shawlands, walking home tonight on such a beautiful evening reminded me how lucky I am to live where I do.

I never planned to move to Glasgow, we made our decision stupidly quickly but I have never regretted it. All the parks and street trees provide the green I need on a daily basis. I can hear a blackbird singing through the open window and the cars are now just a background hum easily ignored.  It was a sheer fluke we found our flat and despite it’s faults (the authentic sash windows with accompanying draughts for one) I love living there especially between April/May and October.

My life isn’t perfect but it is interesting and varied. I am grateful for the friends I have made up here and the opportunities which have opened up that I never thought I would ever have.

Tomorrow I plan to sleep, finally read this month’s iScot magazine and start on Neil Mackay’s The Wolf Trial (which is part of my reading challenge.)


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