The morning after


First of all, I’m tired. Stupidly tired. 3 hours sleep over 2 sessions because it’s a school day! (and when daughter is old enough that she’s allowed to read my mewsings – thank you honey for getting ready without any noise)

Party Constituency
Regional Total Net Change +/-

Scottish National Party

59 4 63 −6

Scottish Conservatives

7 24 31 +16

Scottish Labour

3 21 24 −13
Scottish Green Party 0 6 6 +4

Scottish Lib Dems

4 1 5


0 0 0 −1

So how do I feel about the election results? Good, it could be a LOT worse.

SNP – so we didn’t get a majority government, seriously did anyone really expect that? Hoped for maybe, but Holyrood elections are set up so it doesn’t happen. 2011 broke the system, you don’t get to do that twice. I wasn’t here last time, but I imagine/hope that maybe Labour and the Conservative campaigned against each other last time as opposed to everyone targeting the SNP.

The SNP have done minority government before, and I imagine they’ll do it again, I can’t imagine a formal coalition with the Greens, it hampers both parties.

Greens – did really well, I’m happy that RISE didn’t affect their votes. That was my concern, that the “Yessers not quite happy with the SNP” block would split their votes. I am pleased to see Andy Wightman in Holyrood, his land reform work is outstanding.

RISE & Solidarity – well, lets see what happens with both of them. Will the SSP make a comeback?

Conservatives – or the Ruth Davidson is lovely party as it seems to be known as now. Wow, I know I’ve been saying there’s not much difference between Blairites and Tories but fuck me, the swing between the two is truly shocking. How do you go from “my family has always voted Labour” to putting a cross for the party of the Poll Tax, Bedroom Tax, industry closure, corruption and well David Cameron? I imagine there’s a few feeling like they’ve sold their souls this morning. Good.

As for Ruth being Official Opposition Leader (a position I don’t think actually exists in Scottish politics.)

Bring.  It.  On. “Why aren’t you mitigating the cuts my party have imposed on Scotland?” Yes, that’s going to go down well. *sarcasm* I think week after week of having to actually defend her policies rather than just be in ridiculous stunts may make the public realise there are no friendly Tories.  There’s only so long she can keep banging on about the referendum.  The Tory Election Fraud & EuRef coming up also means Ruth will have to answer some interesting questions if our media does it’s job properly.

It’s going to be SNP vs Tories at both Holyrood & Westminster and I think that will show just who is on the side of the people of Scotland.

Labour – oh dear god, it was worse than I ever thought it would be. I know you shouldn’t kick someone when they are down, but fuck sake haven’t they been told enough? Get your act together, remember it’s the Tories that are the enemy (and the Blairites) and instead of carping from the side actually stand for something!

They won’t do it  though –  the knives are already out for Corbyn, which is stupid as he has gained them the most members for years.

LibDems – not sure quite how they did it, but they had the ability to concentrate votes to get 4 constituency candidates elected , whereas I think they lost deposits in other places. (I need to check that, things were getting blurry last night/this morning)

UPDATE: The Scottish Lib Dems lost 47 deposits costing the party £23,500

So to finish off, a quick summary I’ve pinched from @Scotfox

2nd UPDATE: Turns out Scotfox got it from the SNP


We live in interesting times.


5 thoughts on “The morning after

  1. I have zero sympathy for the Other Party. They ran a despicable smear in my constituency, blaming the SNP for projected health service closures made by a board which had *six* of their own party’s councillors on it, that ended up not happening directly because of SNP intervention.

    Greens have a lot to prove. I know the pro-indy activists in their party are beyond doubt in their support, and I hope their MSPs prove that faith was well founded.


      1. I remain to be convinced by Patrick Harvie & others. Andy Wightman’s a good man, I’m just not sure if his priorities will always include independence. John Finnie I definitely trust: the NATO vote and subsequent departure absolutely broke his heart.

        In the end, if even two of the Greens prove to be dedicated to independence come what may, then that’ll be grand. I just don’t want to spend five years playing games.


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