So it’s Monday…


I read the Torrance article – I don’t normally because let’s face it there is a theme – but this week he decided to spice it up by joining in with Aiden Kerr’s ridiculous “Ulsterisation” narrative.

I’m not Irish, I cannot imagine for a second what it must have been like growing up in Northern Ireland, however being a child of the 70s all that Ulster meant to me was bombs, guns and people hating one another.  I know that both of them don’t mean that Scotland is like that, but I still find it to be a stupid and lazy way to define what is going on here.

Yes there are idiots that hold extreme views but somehow I can’t see the Scottish Resistance resorting to violence.

There are those that hold strong views on both Independence or the Union, but there is a huge amount (off Twitter) who really aren’t that bothered, they lean one way or another but that’s it.

What has happened in Scotland is an increase in political awareness and this is something to be proud of not fear.

I joke I live in a Yes bubble and I do both on Twitter and in Glasgow, but that doesn’t mean there are areas of the country I am afraid to go wearing my Yes badge.

These comments by supposed respected journalists are unhelpful to say the least. But I suppose it works as click-bait.


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