Glutton for punishment


I really must be I read Torrance’s article yesterday and then today I tried to read Daisley. The joy of the block button means I get to miss the majority of his analysis & “witticisms” but occasionally one gets through. Today’s offering via STV  was tweeted with the comment “She may have brought the SNP to heel but what now for Ruth Davidson MSP, asks Journo Stephen?”

I know I should walk away but to be honest I had to know whether he actually thought that or was it just clickbait?  Well, obviously it’s clickbait – seriously STV is your political analysis being ignored so much these days that you have to come out with crap like that? And if it is, don’t you think the crap like that may be the reason? If I wanted dumbed down, inaccurate political analysis obsessed with trivia attempting to make “a thing” out of fringe groups I’d follow Jamie Ross/BuzzFeed.

What can I say, I tried to read it – I really did – but I find myself skimming just to numb the process. You hear of the metropolitan bubble where Westminster politicians and media forget that anything exists outside the M25, but I’m beginning to think that some of our journalists are living in an alternative universe they way they describe Ruth’s “victory.”

I will accept that this is the best that the Tories have ever done in a Holyrood election, but FFS they got 31 seats, after polling 22.9% (list votes.) I know they are in power in Westminster with only 36% of the vote, so maybe 23% feels like a mandate, but it isn’t. If it wasn’t for the D’Hondt system they would be nowhere.

As to it being a resurgent party *sigh* the only reason they look adequate is because Labour has lost so much of its support. it is interesting to note that Labour still polled 19.1% (only 4% lower) to get their 24 seats.

I will agree with Daisley on one thing “the Tories did not come second on Thursday – Ruth Davidson did.”

I’m looking forward to the next cult accusations re the SNP. This last Tory campaign was focused only on Ruth “Don’t mention Cameron, Osborne or IDS, I’m nice really, look at this photo-shoot, referendum, referendum, referendum” Davidson.

He may think that she can continue to position herself as champion of the union rather than as the branch leader of the party currently in power in Westminster, but even with the oh so favourable media there is a point at which she will have to defend the Bullington Boys, whether it is Cameron, Osborne or Johnson.

It will be interesting to see how the EU Ref plays out.  In February this year she  was reported as being indifferent but that the UK should stay in. She was not campaigning for the Remain side then but I would think that now the Holyrood election is over she will have to do more. The Tories may splinter less than the left, but Europe is their Achilles heel and you get the impression that many in that party view it as you are either with us or against us.

It is also amusing that after her constantly banging on about how there will be no second referendum that only yesterday Cameron used the risk of the Union splitting as the latest Brexit scare story. At some point both Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour will realise that they have no influence on their UK leaderships.

The cuts have already hit the most vulnerable in society and at the same time Osborne still misses his targets. There are more cuts to come and I think many that voted Tory may soon start to regret it. They will not be happy when they are next in the firing line.

Daisley finished – yes I did make it to the end, now where’s my star? – with the unionist reasoning of “The other side has a nationalist party, why don’t we get ourselves one of those?” I think he may be right there, but what he doesn’t seem to have realised (or at least not articulated) is that the cheerleader for his beloved union could only garner 22.9% of voters compared to 41.7% SNP (plus the bonus of 6.6% Green.) Just what can she do against that?





One thought on “Glutton for punishment

  1. FMQs is going to make for interesting viewing in the coming weeks & months; Davidson, who let’s not forget is something of a one-trick pony, has nowhere to hide.

    I don’t think she realises yet just how boxed in she is.


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