Was my reaction on hearing that CND UK now believe the cost of replacing Trident has now risen to £205 billion. (see table) This doubles their calculation in 2014 and an is an additional £38 billion to the £167 billion estimated in October last year.

The costs of replacing Trident

Manufacturing four successor submarines

£31 billion

Contingency fund

£10 billion

Missile extension programme

£350 million

Replacement warheads

£4 billion

Infrastructure capital costs

£4 billion

In service costs

£142 billion

Conventional military forces directly assigned to support Trident

£1 billion


£13 billion


£205 billion

These costs – in a so-called time of austerity – are fucking obscene. The fact that they are going to be spent on replacing WMDs – something we invade other countries over – is madness. We don’t need them EVER.

By January this year costs had already reached £5 billion and the replacement had at that time not been voted on by Parliament. At the time the MOD stated “We estimate costs will amount to around 0.2% per year of government spending – a small price to pay to ensure the security of British citizens.”

And yet, the British Government has told the WASPI campaign that it is fiscally impossible to find a solution to their pension changes. I’m not going to copy SLab’s attitude to APD and say cancelling Trident replacement would solve the almighty fuck up that Osborne has made of the British economy; he would have to tackle the City of London and tax avoidance and we all know that’s not going to happen.

It just amazes me how they can see this as a small amount of money, and yet penny-pinch over so many things that can mean peoples lives are that bit easier such as ESA allowances. It’s the same with the vast amounts of money that the DWP have wasted either through trying to implement Universal Credit or fighting court cases defending their appalling policies & sanctions.

Financially it is stupid, morally –  well I doubt this government would know a moral if it beat them over the head.  And Labour needs to get it’s head out of it’s arse over the issue too. SLab is against renewal (at the moment), but UK Labour who sets policy – no matter however much SLab try to differentiate -is pro renewal despite having a leader who is the vice-President of CND.

Trident and it’s replacement is just a politician-sized penis extension.

We are told they will never be used, that they are just a deterrent – then what’s the fucking point of them?

After the fall of the Soviet Union the threat of war reduced but tensions between superpowers are rising again through intermediaries.  Nato ally Turkey shot down a Russian jet bombing Syria last November.  The only way to make sure nuclear bombs are never fired is to get rid of them.

If Britain cancelled the replacement and unilaterally renounce all atomic weapons it would put political pressure on other nuclear powers to do the same. But being at the “top table” is more important for their precious egos.

Any future attacks on this country will be through terrorism and having nuclear weapons does not protect us from that. The “prestige” of  showing that they can attack a “world power”  is part of the attraction, having these weapons makes us more of a target.

As for the rogue state narrative, have you seen who we ally with? It’s amazing how blind the UK is to human rights when it comes to selling weapons.

And finally, of course there is the jobs argument. Are you kidding me?  We would save £200 billion, the few that do work in the industry could have astronomical payoffs; they need never work again and we’d still save money. And can you honestly expect me to believe these people would be no good at working on anything else? Are there no transferable skills in that industry?

According to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the government could use Trident savings to support a massive drive to renewable energy and create up to 30,000 highly skilled jobs. Can you imagine how much more secure the UK would be if we were no longer reliant on other countries for our power?

Now this next bit involves me looking at Scotland’s Spending Plans & Draft Budget to find the block grant from the UK government, so I could be wrong with the next figure. It seems to me looking at page 11 that Scotland’s budget in 2016 is £28,446 million, (or £28 billion – bloody USA devaluing our billion) if Scotland has to cover “it’s share” of the cost of this renewal it would equal roughly (£205 billion x 8.9%) £18.25 billion which is almost 2/3 of a years budget. I know this will be spread across however many years, but FFS talk about give with one hand and take away with another.

Plus of course we have the pleasure of having it sat 30 miles away from a major city, with the nuclear convoys trundling through no matter what the weather in antiquated trucks incorrectly labelled.

I hope the UK would never use them to me only a sociopath would.  Considering their use in a first strike capacity would make us as bad as the states they try to frighten us over, and to be honest what is the point in using them as a retaliatory measure? Killing more innocent people in a large scale tit-for-tat. They are an abomination and should be removed.






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