Balancing Act


Unlike Wales, our First Minister has been elected without much fuss – well so I thought.

Ruth Davidson did not stand because “her manifesto said she was there to oppose the SNP.” Aye, you tell yourself that if it makes you feel better. I’m sure there are a lot of people who rely on our print media wondering what’s going on as we have been told she had such a tremendous result 2 weeks ago.

Kezia didn’t stand either and to be honest I don’t blame her, the poor lass has lost enough elections recently.

So the saviour of the union stood forward and the people proclaimed “Willie Rennie?!” ( I am going to miss Tricia Marwick so much.)  Poor Willie, he got 5 votes, at least his party loves likes him even if no one else does.

So as expected Nicola is now First Minister, 63 SNP votes getting her through comfortably.

And now we come to the bit that people are grumbling about, that the Greens abstained. Now I don’t like politicians abstaining, I believe they are there to make firm decisions not sit on the fence.

HOWEVER, the Greens are in an unusual position. If they take a step back they give the SNP a majority over the unionist parties.

Green abstention from the prospective of the SNP is not a bad thing. Obviously the SNP & Greens voting together is something I would like, but I would rather they abstain than vote against.

The Greens are a separate party with separate aims, they are not a junior party in a coalition, and we cannot think of them as such. We are not fighting the referendum. They have to differentiate themselves from the SNP otherwise what is the point of them?

The one thing that they will have to bear in mind is that they have asked for SNP voters to support them and they will ask the same again in the future.  They possibly have the trickiest path to follow this parliament.








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