A Few Mews


I thought I’d been a slacker and not written for a week; it’s only 5 days but feels like much longer (what do you mean “Hurray!”?) Even the husband has asked when I’m doing the next one – I think he thinks it’s good for me or I’ve possibly been ranting at him more than usual.

I’ve found it hard to settle to a subject to talk about – have had a few evenings staring at a blank screen – so tonight’s poor offering is a mixed bag.

Real life has been distracting – I know, how dare it. There’s been some eventful changes which means a lot more work but it should pay off long-term and at the same time hopefully I can help some friends out in the process.

It’s been a weirder week online, politics has been strange –  the current referendum is more Deja Vu than EU (I did warn you, as did everyone else in Scotland.) We’ve had the “world will descend into violence”, the Royal hint, the Eddie Izzard intervention, the NHS will be safer in/out, the “food prices will rise” statement, although slight change as it was said inside ASDA this time.

All we need now is some big lovie-fest in Trafalgar Square and a Vow.

I. Just. Don’t. Care. Anymore. I know it’s important and I go on about voter apathy leading to the death of democracy but COME ON this is dire. It’s Project Fear Parts 4a & b.

There is NOTHING positive in this debate. I almost hope for a wish tree. But I will still vote; my polling card arrived this week and quick reminder that you must be registered by June 7th to vote.

Scottish politics?

The SNP has a scandal and the press are rolling around in it, you get the impression that they will drag this out for as long as they possibly can. Pity they aren’t as keen on reporting the election fraud involving the Tories and I believe both Labour and the LibDems now. I almost feel sorry for the LibDems, possibly fiddling their election expenses and they still losing 340 deposits.

Glasgow City Council ruling group seems to be tearing itself apart; we may not have to wait until May to get rid of them although they do seem to be implementing their scorched earth policy a bit too well.

But hey, it’s not just GCC that are idiotic/disruptive/harmful, Falkirk Council are actually funding their local Orange Order – I think this maybe known as the Matheson Principle.

The main current talking point on Twitter seems to be the OBFA and the events after the Scottish Cup Final. To be honest I’m sick of that too. Nothing is going to change until the SFA grow a pair of balls and start deducting points and/or making clubs play behind closed doors.  I don’t care who the club is or who else did what, there are some things that are not acceptable and to be honest in 2016 are just bloody ridiculous.

And finally speaking of ridiculous.

People sometimes ask why I prefer the Scottish Education system. It’s not perfect, but my gods it’s better than the Academy System in England. Anyone with the money can set up an academy. ANYONE!

I had to go with the following response…


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