Bloody fools


This is what you get when you have the Conservatives in power.

Fracking has been approved to go ahead near Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire. No I had never heard of the place either, but it appears to be located near Flamingo Land. It’s a classic Yorkshire village of Saxon origin. Visit Ryedale describes the area as:

nestling between the City of York and Heritage Coastline. The North York Moors National Park form the northern border of the district and the Yorkshire Wolds the southern limit. Ryedale is a diverse and beautiful area of spectacular scenery, bustling market towns, dale and hill farms, and picturesque villages.


Well not for much longer.

I am sorry, but I am raging over this. We do not need to frack, not in England or Scotland. But why people keep voting these bastards in they will continue to put companies and profit before the environment & people.

The local people did not want this and yet North Yorkshire is a staunchly Conservative with all 6 local MPs coming from that party.

  • Harrogate and Knaresborough: Andrew Jones
  • Richmond: Rishi Sunak
  • Scarborough and Whitby: Robert Goodwill
  • Selby and Ainsty: Nigel Adams
  • Skipton and Ripon: Julian Smith
  • Thirsk and Malton: Kevin Hollinrake

I am devastated for the Frack Free Ryedale campaign. They have fought so hard against this.

Lancashire too has it problems, their council refused permission, so now Cuadrilla have gone to Ministers who are likely to give permission. So much for the Conservative support of localism.

frack map
Image from Frack off

While we are under a Conservative government there will be a push for this to go ahead. Osborne wants it. Scotland is safe for the moment due to ScotGov moratorium but Westminster has issued licences and they will use any excuse to push ahead.

#TalkingMince has an Q&A session with an environmental lawyer on why this is the best way to go.

I voted for independence because of many reasons. Scotland is a country and it is normal that we make our decisions ourselves and face the consequences of those choices. I might not feel so strongly about it if I believed that Westminster cared for anyone out of their bubble, but I look at what’s has happened and what we knew was going to happen and I remain convinced that they only care about “their people.”

I would have voted Yes just for the following reasons

  • Fracking
  • NHS sell off
  • TTIP
  • Austerity

I wanted Scotland to show the rest of the UK what could be done if we got away from the neoliberal death grip that tightens around us.

At what point will England wake up?

The EU Ref is a farce. It’s the Tories bickering over their next leader. At least in our referendum we had positive ideas on how to improve people’s lives. These one is like wading through two lots of doom laden shite.

Yes we get TTIP if we stay but trust me Cameron or his successor will have us signed up to an equivalent even faster if we leave. It’s a case of screwed if we do, fucked if we don’t.

He put money first and foremost. He’s a second rate PR man as the blue micra purchase today show. Yeah, I believe SamCam is going to drive round in that.

You want to improve this country? Stop voting for right wing bastards that put profit first. It’s not difficult.

I said before the referendum that Labour was not going to save us, and it won’t while the Blairites keep pushing rightwards. They have the chance with Corbyn to find their core values and to show what they stand for. No one wins being Tory-lite they do being bastards so much better than anyone.

Conservatives, they have no idea what the bloody word means. They rampage across this country destroying people’s lives, communities and the environment in their constant search for more money.

Well I hope they fucking choke on it.




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