You may have noticed I was a bit cross Monday night. Possibly a slightly swearier rant than normal – I’d even said to a friend I didn’t think it was that good a post.

I guess it hit my little corner of social media at the right time because instead of my usual number of readers – you are mad and I’m so very grateful and amazed you put up with my wittering – this one went off like a rocket.

Within an hour it had hit my usual reader levels, within 4 had beaten my top views for a day. The next day was even higher and at present I’m just short of 1600 views WITHOUT a single person disagreeing or complaining at me! I know compared to many blogs this is a drop in the ocean but for me it is astounding.

I don’t write for views (despite how that last paragraph sounds) I write to get things out of my head and to stopping me ranting at people in the street. And that’s what Monday night was a full on rant.

I was angry, I still am angry. HOW DARE THEY inflict fracking on a community that is against it. So much for local democracy. *Takes deep breath and counts to 20 100*

I guess that the positive response that post got shows that there are at least 1,600 people who don’t want fracking – I’m pretty confident it is a whole lot more, but I won’t claim to speak for a nation.

But if you do read this, please join support your local anti-fracking group.

  • Frack Off have local groups listed here
  • Friends of the Earth Frack Free groups here
  • Greenpeace national campaign here


I don’t know if petitions will do any good and I’ll admit I’m a bit dubious over 38 degrees these days. My details weirdly appeared in a Labour mailing list after signing one of their petitions – sheer coincidence I’m sure.

So only a quick post tonight and thanks again to everyone who reads this blog. I always feel a bit narcissistic putting things out there, but it is nice – if unnerving – to know people read it.

I’m going to do my next bit of the writing process now, which is hide under a blanket while I wait to see if anyone likes it.





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