Are we nearly there yet?


I  don’t know about anyone else but this referendum seems interminable.

It’s the political equivalent of being stuck in Bank Holiday traffic on the way to some dead end seaside town with a seafront made up solely of second rate arcades manned by bored teenagers and  filled with the slot machines no one else wants. Not the fun “retro” machines,  these are the ones that have half their lights missing but still makes brain-numbing levels of noise and you know damn well you’ll never get your money back off them.

I couldn’t face either the Cameron or Gove shows this week. We have a PM (ex-PR!) who cannot debate anyone and from what I have seen was justifiably called out for waffling. And then we have Gove  – when a journalist tweets “it is hard to argue that he is not one of the best MPs of this generation” all I can say is that is a damning indictment on the others.

He claims all sort of things could happen if we were out of Europe, but these things are issues he’s voted against in the past so colour me cynical. The “People in this country have had enough of experts” comment was bizarre and insulting to the British electorate, although our politics seems to be following the American path – personally I  want decisions made by informed people, but it may explain his love of unqualified teachers in English academy schools.

I would enjoy the Tories ripping themselves apart – the no innocent victims scenario – and the thought of the in-fighting and political bloodletting which will happen no matter which way the vote goes would be a fantastic spectator sport, if it wasn’t for the fact that who ever replaces Cameron is just going to be ANOTHER FUCKING TORY. Look at them, Johnson, Osborne, May, whoever else they drag out of the crypt –  ALL the options are terrifying.

You have to hand it to the Tory party – they’re going to take it off you anyway – the way they distract from a scandal is to have another one. If it’s not the economy falling apart (although that’s a constant state of affairs) it’s English academy school chains collapsing, or them privatising another part of the infrastructure, or pushing forward with fracking, targeting the disabled, neutering the BBC, ripping the heart out of the NHS, recently the Panama Papers and finally election fraud. To be honest the pig incident seems quite pedestrian now.

Of course we have the extra cherry of Scottish Tories who will quite happily shit stir re sectarianism or try to score political points out the death of a child.

I nether know or care what Labour are doing re the campaign, their Scottish branch seem to be imposing a scorched earth policy prior to hopefully being irradiated in the Council elections next May.  You occasionally hear a small sensible voice from their UK camp suggesting progressive working with the SNP, but while the same old faces still occupy power in Scotland there will be no change, they will continue the Bain Principle to the bitter end.

Willie Rennie is still being his usual rent-a-gob, anything to appear slightly relevant.  I’m sure Patrick Harvie must spend evenings shouting at the news “But we’re the 4th party!” Going by the self-delusion of the media in the way they treat the Tories (as winners in the election) and Labour (as rational beings) I think it may be a long time before they realise that the Greens speak for more people than the self-important LibDems.

As for his claims that Alex Salmond should stay out of the debate; it’s obvious really – the last thing the Remain camp needs is a man who can speak passionately and positively about staying in the EU. Just because there was no positive case for the Union doesn’t mean the SNP should join in with another Project Fear, but we do know  Willie can’t let go of IndyRef.

At least now we have a face to face debate lined up. No full lineup as yet, but it looks like Nicola against Boris Johnson. Either he didn’t step back fast enough when they asked for volunteers or his ego is so stupendously huge he doesn’t realise that she won’t let him get away with his bumbling drivel. She’s not known for going easy on pompous ill-informed incompetents.


The other interesting comment in that BBC article is that the

Scottish Vote Leave campaign says Scotland would get “major” new powers and a bigger budget if the UK votes to leave the European Union.

Yes, well we’ve heard that before and I no more believe Tom Harris (my ex-mp) now than I did Gordon Brown with his Vow.



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