A consultation?


I’m sorry, but I fear I channeled Lady Bracknell upon hearing that Kezia plans a consultation as to whether Scottish Labour should sever its ties from the UK party.

Personally, I don’t think Scottish Labour ever stand a chance unless they seriously sit down and decide what they want to be, because right now their attempts to be all things to everyone is digging themselves a deeper and deeper grave.

Obviously I would prefer an independent Scottish Labour in an indy Scotland, but I’m not a Labour member and am unlikely to ever become one unless they kick out the Blairites, discover some principles and start putting the electorate before their own careers.

But to be fair, at least they are talking about it, rather than the usual fudge of conflicting statements. Although certain people don’t seemed to have embraced the idea:

Although a brief look at his timeline does make me wonder why exactly he joined the “democratic socialist” Labour party as he doesn’t seem to be keen on either bit of that description.

Democratic socialism is a political ideology that advocates political democracy alongside social ownership of the means of production, with democratic management of enterprises within a socialist economic system.

Tom isn’t known for his consistency as shown on the They work for you site, as one of the leaders of the Scottish vote Leave campaign I found that he had voted for greater EU integration most amusing. I suspect Mr Harris may be bored and just wants to cause a stir these days.


Anyway less of my bloody-thirsty warmongering ex-MP, and back to this consultation.

Consultation always sounds inclusive and democratic, well that’s what I used to think before spin became the ruling principle in British politics. I’m presuming that this will be an internal procedure, which means that it’s relying on the opinions of the diehards like people such as Mr Harris and Mr Hothersall who at the moment can only agree on how much they despise the SNP.

After the last Holyrood election so many seemed to switch from Labour to Tory because of their Unionist appeal, will those that remain be more open to a devolved Scottish Labour? Going by the 2 gentlemen I previously mentioned, I don’t think so.

There’s not much left of Scottish Labour (will they ever publish  concise membership figures?) which is probably why we hear less of any ‘Blairite/Corbynite’ infighting than occurs at the national level, but I don’t doubt for a second the party is free from infighting.

If they do split from UK Labour, how will they raise money? I believe a lot of the back office issues are done centrally. Are they too wee, too poor & too stupid to go it alone or just to feart?

As per values, the Scottish branch has followed the example of UK party ex-politicos who leave parliament for consultancies in large companies & banks or of course there is the ermine route for the select few. (So much for the party of Keir Hardy)

Maybe a ground up re-invention is possible, maybe this “greater autonomy” will bring them back to their grassroots and re-invigorate the party. (Don’t laugh it could happen)

Despite the snark, I would like an effective Scottish Labour Party that stands up for its people, if we had one the Tories wouldn’t be in second place. It’s just these things take time, and the party is too short-term orientated.

It’s going to be interesting to watch from the sidelines.



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