Some days it’s hard to find a subject to write about – believe it or not I don’t walk around in a permanent state of rage. This has been one of those weeks where the combined shite over the EU Referendum, The Queen’s Birthday (again!) and now the football in Europe just makes me want to go live on a remote island for the next few weeks.

[That’s still no excuse for paid commentators to churn out dross each week, you get paid – find something interesting, non-repetitive and truthful to write about]

Luckily enough yesterday I did get to spend the day on an island with friends, and oh gods was it everything I needed; good company, astounding scenery – either would have lifted my spirits but both was a blessing. I love Glasgow, cannot imagine living anywhere else now but I was sore in need of a change of scenery.


On the train journey up I had the “pleasure” of being able to overhear a conversation. One was a 50-year-old psychology student – and I so wanted to ask her what does it say about someone who feels entitled when travelling alone to take a table on what was obviously to become a busy train? She was then joined by a man and his dog at Helensburgh, after which they had a long and loud discussion on how ALL the Scots:

  1. have a chip on their shoulder,
  2. hate the English and
  3. the Cringe.

As it was the start of a much anticipated day out with my daughter I did hold back from saying that:

  1. I thought they were talking shite,
  2. I wasn’t keen on either of them, and
  3. felt it quite obvious why any Scot would take the piss after meeting either of them
  4. think it’s appalling manners to move to someone’s country and then bad mouth them loudly on public transport

This entitlement which my countrymen have is one of the reasons I have never supported England in any sporting event. I can shout for individual sportsmen & women but not team sports.

What with the constant media hype – yes support “your” team but FFS can you at least go into any tournament appreciating the other teams have worked just as hard (possibly harder) to get there and aren’t going to roll over just because “England deserves it” because no they don’t.

As for 1966?  You won, we know. Get over it.

It’s pathetic if all that keeps you going is something that happened 50 years ago. Especially as strangely enough other teams have also won some of whom quite a few times:

  • Brazil – FIVE times
  • Germany – four times
  • Italy – four times
  • Argentina – twice
  • Uruguay – twice
  • France – once
  • Spain – once

England has the third most expensive squad in the European Championships this summer at £189.7m. So at least we don’t have the MOST over-paid, over-valued collection of prima-donnas there, that’s Belgium who’s 23 players cost their respective clubs £318.9 million!

Then there’s the advertising, at least not watching tv saves me from the majority of the banality but I’ve now taken to blocking on Twitter any company that advertises promoting the England team without appreciating that Wales and Northern Ireland are also taking part. Yes it’s petty but you know what marketing people? It’s lazy/boring marketing.

Then finally there’s the “fans” – fuck sake, grown men getting pissed and rampaging through the streets. Probably a good overlap with those who moan about migrants. It’s not high spirits if the French police need to use tear gas and you are bloody lucky they haven’t shot you.

As for “the Russian Ultras started it” nope you lot were rioting before they got there. Even I know they are looking for any excuse for a fight and you gave them one.  English fans seem quite happy terrorising local communities but aren’t so keen when more professional thugs enter the fray. I don’t agree with victim blaming however this feels a bit like karma. All bullies should remember there’s ALWAYS a bigger bully lurking around the corner.

And now, to get over the horror of talking about sport I’m going for lie down




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