There at least

I dunno, I spend days not being able to think of anything to write, then do 3 in 2 days. I had a conversation with Philip Sim of the BBC earlier after seeing this tweet.

Referring to this one

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what the issue was, as Holyrood has been called the most LGBT-friendly parliament in the world, so naturally I asked.


This seemed to me to be a decision for the Presiding Officer, Ken Mackintosh, which I pointed out.



So I googled Scottish Parliament Corporate Body and found – within seconds – this membership page which had a lovely picture of the 5 men (naturally) who make up the cross party group with the PO


And also told me who they were:

Front row, left to right: Liam McArthur MSP; Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh MSP; and Gordon MacDonald MSP

Back row, left to right: Andy Wightman MSP; Alex Johnstone MSP and David Stewart MSP .

Bit of googling and twitter work gave me their parties and Twitter handles – I was at this point prepared to tweet them myself.

However it was pointed out that a Rainbow flag had been flying all day….


Ta-dah – no issue I thought – but no…


Okay…. back to the SPCB


I haven’t had a response since then.

So in summary, the decision which could be made by a cross-party group has been passed on to the Presiding Officer, who will hopefully agree to the Rainbow flag being at half mast outside Holyrood soon.

Not really a “There at least”


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