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Just over a week to go until the EU referendum.

This isn’t fun like ours was. IndyRef to me was the choice between “What if?” and the status quo, whereas this seems to be two slightly different versions of a distopian future neither of which I’d willingly choose.

Prior to the date being announced, I didn’t know which way to vote, I am pro-Europe but don’t like the way the EU seems to be heading. This vote is a big deal, I wanted to be sure. Then the campaigns started and Project Fears Part 4a&b* were set in motion.

I’ve had a few mini rants on the subject, but to be honest this onslaught of fears, lies and complete bat-shit fuckery has meant that by now I am doing my best to avoid it. Today however there seems to be so much going on and as always I need to get it down in this blog to help process it.

Slight digression to start with, bear with me:

Last month I wrote about fracking in North Yorkshire; the main premise of the piece being if you vote for the Tories don’t be surprised when they attempt to sell of your Granny and anything else they can get their hands on.

Now I am aware that this is a little blog and I appreciate my regular readers (waves to you both) but this one took off and amazingly enough at no point did I get a single negative response. On the internet! A place renowned for contrary opinions and yet not one person said I was wrong.

My point being is that it can be generally assumed that the Tory party is a bunch of power-hungry, greedy, out for themselves bunch of shites.  And yet people are still seriously considering voting for a situation where the main brake on their sociopathic tendencies is removed.

We have a party in government that is to the right of Thatcher! Fuck sake for 30 years of my life I wasn’t sure that was possible without it being a totalitarian fascist state – I’ll ask you to think about how they treat the vulnerable and minority groups before accusing me of over-exaggeration. Plus they have the dubious bonus skills of being both inept and corrupt.

So what will happen in the case of a Leave vote?

Well for starters Nigel Farage today admitted he has no idea. Hello? Can you remember how the Yes side in IndyRef had to have plans and backups for EVERYTHING?

Although to be fair this is the man who has only turned up to vote 41% of the time in the EU Parliament as well as voting against things in the British interest such as helping the steel industry or environmental issues like  clamping down on illegal ivory or banning fish discard practice.

UKIP has been called the laziest European party so I guess it’s not really surprising if they aren’t up to date on political issues.

I think Cameron is pretty much toast what ever happens. So we have the choice of either Prime Minister Osborne or Johnson and right now it looks like Johnson. A man described by Eddie Mair as a “nasty piece of work.” He does what he believes is best for him, no one else.

Just look at who else is likely to be in power in the event of a Leave vote…

Iain Duncan-Smith, his social policies have been described by the European Court of Justice as “unfit for a modern democracy” and “verging on frighteningly authoritarian”. The man who wasted so much time and money on a Universal Credit system that only succeeds in pushing people further into penury and despair.

Michael Gove, our current Lord Chancellor who currently seems to be making up new powers for Scotland as they pop into his head. Pity he’s NEVER voted for further devolution. When Education Secretary he implemented reforms hated by teachers & parents and was determined to sell off as many schools as possible. He has been described as having a “blinkered, almost messianic, self-belief.” Bit of a theme appearing.

Priti Patel who believes that if we  “halve the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation we could deliver a £4.3 billion boost to our economy and 60,000 new jobs.” So there may be more jobs but you’ll have much reduced rights. Say goodbye to sickness benefit and hello to zero hours contracts. Think Sports Direct as a prime example.

Chris Grayling, the ex Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice who managed to get barristers and solicitors to go out on strike for the first time ever in protection of legal aid. He wants to curb the power of the European Court of Human Rights (which we are signed up separately to the EU)

If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. When they say “Take back power” they don’t mean for the ordinary person they mean for them.

These people wouldn’t know empathy if it kicked them in the balls. The Leave campaign came up with this image the day after an atrocious loss of life.

  • Part 1 – Scottish IndyRef
  • Part 2 – SNP taking seats at Westminster (so much for lead not leave)
  • Part 3 – Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour Leader (madness, he’s not exactly Vlad the Impaler)
  • Part 4a&b – Leave & Remain – the main campaigns are both scaremongering and then they wonder why people switch off

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