The Morning After (Part 2)


STILL NOT SLEPT! So where had I got up to this morning? Ah yes, Cameron had announced his resignation, with Johnson waiting in the wings (hopefully him being heckled this morning has made him think more than just his massive ego/ambition) And I was getting ready to listen to Nicola Sturgeon.

Unless you’ve been sleeping (which is entirely possible) you’ll now know that she has arranged direct talks with the EU and European Heads of State with regard to keeping Scotland in Europe, and that this is a “significant and material” change in circumstances – as set out in the SNP manifesto for last May’s Holyrood election – which could be a trigger for another IndyRef.

I did not want this situation to be the one that gave us another opportunity, but I am going to grab it with both hands and work my arse off to get it. I believe that people would have had valid reasons to vote Leave, as I have said before I don’t agree with the way Europe operates, but I have a greater fear of an unfettered Westminster.

A Conservative government of Johnson, Gove, May, IDS, Farage terrifies me and I do not want to bring my daughter up where their decisions can affect her. The responses from the winning campaign to the events so far have not instilled me with confidence.

Within the last 12 hours we have had

  • Major disruption to markets, which no doubt some spiv will be making money out of
  • And Britain could lose its AAA credit rating
  • Mark Carney has said the Bank of England could provide £250bn for market operations if required
  • Sterling dropped from 1.50 to 1.35 against the dollar (largest drop since 1985)


  • Labour have already started planning their coup against Corbyn (not going there, but really guys NOW is the time to start a revolution against the Tories)
  • It looks like Britons are having trouble exchanging sterling abroad
  • Johnson may not want to rush Article 50 but the EU/Junker aren’t wanting to stretch it out.
  • And ironically after being told that jobs would leave Scotland in the event of a Yes vote (they went anyway) Morgan Stanley has started moving 2000  investment banking staff from London to either Dublin or Frankfurt.
  • A petition has started for London to become a city state

This afternoon the Irish government has announced that it is putting in place contingency plans following the Brexit vote.

It says that priority issues are

  •  UK-EU negotiations,
  • British-Irish relations,
  • Northern Ireland,
  • trade, investment and
  • the impact on the North-South border.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said  his government would “do its utmost” to maintain the Common Travel Area between the UK and Ireland and wanted to “minimise any disruptions to the flow of people, goods and services between these islands”.

I wonder if he includes in that the average 11 women per week who travel to the UK for abortions?


That’s this part done. This still doesn’t feel real and there seems to be an awful lot to process.


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