Head spinning


I don’t know about you but I seem to have spent the last few days watching the political events repeating “What the fuck?” in various degrees of incredulity. To be honest, I now could do with something stronger because it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So many things have had me facedesking, I’m surprised my forehead doesn’t have a permanent imprint of QWERTY on it. For example:

But somethings HAVEN’T surprised me

  • Leave campaign not having a post Brexit plan – they had no idea what they were doing and it was obvious, just a pity the media didn’t give them even a tenth of the interrogation they gave the White Paper during IndyRef.
  • Government not having a post Brexit plan – see above
  • Osborne disappearing – just amazed he hasn’t sent a lacky Junior Minister out as usual
  • Labour imploding – the one thing you can always rely on is the Blairites using any excuse to wield the knife.

But thing I wish surprised me and hasn’t is the increase in abuse and attacks on those considered not-British. If you want to spend some time depressing yourself over the attitudes displayed by some in this country follow #PostRefRacism.

Now I know not all that voted Leave are racist, but it’s fair to assume that the racists did all vote Leave and now the knuckledraggers think 52% of the country is on their side and that they can act with impunity. There is no middle ground on this, there can be no turning a blind eye. What ever you voted – because right now it doesn’t matter, the vote is done we are stuck with it – unless you want the far right to win people have to take a stand against this.

I have joked in the past that this country is starting to resemble distopian fiction, but these last few weeks it feels less like a joke. We should not “other” people just because of where they were born or their skin colour or their religion. We know how this story goes, once one group is blamed and driven out, the right then looks for another scapegoat and it’s never their friends.

It is more important than ever to support our neighbours; I was so proud when Nicola started her speech on Friday by telling immigrants living in Scotland that “you remain welcome here. Scotland is your home and your contribution is valued.”

That is leadership; she has a plan (and back ups) set out, calmly states what they are and then continues to give regular updates, unlike the UK Government which seems to have gone into hiding.

My reaction to all this is to support getting Scotland out of this godawful mess and maybe it is selfish but  I have always believed that a successful independent Scotland could be an example to England showing that there can be another way. Westminster’s political systems have failed badly and desperately needs reform but I cannot see that coming soon without the country descending further into chaos which I’d rather not happen – whereas the French seem to be good at large-scale protests, we tend to bottle up all the angst and resentment and then riot.

What this country needs now is a strong opposition party but Labour is in the process of self-destruction AGAIN. Scotland can no longer be expected to save the UK from itself, England is 85% of the UK population; this has been an unequal union for a very long time and both countries need to learn to stand on their own two feet.





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