Another day..


…another, well I’m not sure what. Omnishambles is so pedestrian for this. I think I’ll be blogging daily for a while because it’s the only way I can get my head around what’s going on.

(I also watched yesterday’s BBCQT from yesterday, that probably will get a post in its own right later on)

Johnson announced his post Brexit plan last night – nice touch is he did it for his weekly column in the Telegraph. Well he only gets £250k per annum, chicken feed like that may as well sling anything in. And what were his words of wisdom? That Britain is part of Europe – and always will be. I dread to think what those who voted leaves response is to this, because I know it made me fucking furious.

It has been obvious from the start that he picked Leave only to make a play for Leader of the Conservative Party. He never expected Leave to win, he just wanted to get onside of the Eurosceptic Tories.

Well this time his “jolly japes” are bigger than burning £50s in front of the homeless or trashing restaurants and expecting Daddy to pay for the clean up. This time he’s trashed the whole fucking country and playing the bumbling idiot won’t work.

Over the next 2 -5 years these lies are going to become very apparent, when this glorious kingdom he’s promised doesn’t appear. When people realise that the UK hold none of the cards in discussions with the EU, that we don’t have a team able to renegotiate (because all our negotiations have been done through the EU for the last 40 years) That in order to get any trade deals we will still have to follow EU regulations and pay in our subscriptions, with no rebates and NO funding coming back – Cornwall, Wales & Yorkshire are going to be severely disappointed if they think they’ll get anything additional from Westminster. Johnson made sure he was at the front of this campaign and he will be at the front when the blame game starts.

So this morning, Osborne snuck out from where ever he was hiding at 7am and declared he would “make Brexit work.” – the pound promptly dropped another 2% and FTSE 0.7% when the markets opened.

So who will head up the crack team being put together ? Oliver Letwin. Yes, the man who thought porridge is a condiment, who leaves constituents paperwork in park bins.

There is currently a debate in the Commons and nether Gove or Johnson have turned up for it, presumably like the head of the Leave.EU campaign they’s decided it’s time for a holiday. Although to be fair, he does also say Farage should not be allowed near Brexit negotiations.

In the meantime the drip-drip of Labour Shadow cabinet resignations continue. Yeah so you are all get your 5 minutes in the news, but it’s pissing your membership off and boring the rest of us. Hello? Opposition party – remember what that means? The Tories are headless chickens and will be for ANOTHER 10 WEEKS, and you are busing reenacting the death of Caesar – and remember how that worked out for the plotters.

In the mean time, in Scotland Nicola has met with her cabinet and will be going to Holyrood tomorrow to ask for cross party support to start discussions with the EU to give Scotland “associate” status in order to protect access to the single market. At this point she has the backing of SNP, Labour, Green and LibDem parties. So, will Ruth Davidson continue last week’s support for the EU, or will she again put UK before what she obviously thinks is good for Scotland?

Juncker has announced he will meet with the Scottish delegation, and whilst Nicola meets Irish President Michael Higgins this afternoon Fianna Fáil has stated they believe Ireland should help fast-track our membership.

I still can’t help feeling that I’m lucky to be on this side of the border.


I swear things happen just as I press publish 🙂

Gibralter’s chief minister Fabian Picardo in talks with Nicola about a plan to keep them in the EU too.





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