Shits and sheep


Or the UK Parliamentary Labour Party as they are more commonly known. You know I honestly thought they couldn’t fall any further in my opinion, but these last few days they have limbo-ed easily under that bar.

The country is going through major constitutional upheaval, there are citizens being abused and attacked on our streets by racists, the Government are falling apart and what do they do? Do they show leadership? Do they stand up and set an example? Do they fuck.

This coup is nothing to do with how Corbyn performs. He has brought new members to the party, and more importantly young members. Labour members voted to remain at only 1% lower than the SNP, and Nicola is going nowhere (apart from Brussels)


The party has clearly set out policies on how to remove an up-popular leader, but the problem for them is Corbyn isn’t unpopular with the membership. He will easily win any head to head contest. The only people calling for his head are the PLP and the Tories-  weird that. Those who have voted no confidence in Corbyn also abstained with regard to last year’s welfare bill, prior to Corbyn’s election.


The membership like Corbyn because he offers a different way, both in politics and style. He’s no Alpha male and gods it’s refreshing. The PLP seems intent on being a Tory-lite, people don’t want that. If they want Tory they vote Tory not a slightly dilute version. He may not be the answer to all of Labour or the UK’s problems, but he’s better and more popular than any of the alternatives on offer.

Even Angela Eagle’s own constituency party want Corbyn. *Pauses to laugh at the idea of Angela Eagle as PM.*


It seems to be the case that last week’s Leave vote was a protest against how the British political system works. Possibly the difference between England & Scotland’s working class voters is that in Scotland they have had protection from Westminster and maybe feel they have an alternative in the SNP, whereas the Labour party has done fuck all (the abstention mentioned above being a case in point.) When you have no left-wing alternative, where do you turn? It looks like into the open arms of UKIP. They may not have answers, but they have someone to blame.

UK Labour are travelling the same road as their Scottish branch office, it doesn’t matter how many times you say you are going to listen if you still carry on your own merry way. Too many times the “right faces” have been parachuted into safe northern seats as a job for life. You look as these people and if it weren’t for the colour of their tie (or skirt suit) you would have no idea what party they belonged to.

If Labour stand David Miliband in Jo Cox’s seat knowing it will be uncontested, what will that say to the public? Hell mend them.






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