And so it goes on


Tory infighting, it’s just at a more professional level than Labour.

This so called #ChickenCoup now seems doomed to failure, the clock keeps ticking and taking us closer to Chilcot being published, which seems safe to assume was a deadline for the plotters. Their hero Blair will be under the spotlight FINALLY.

The Eagle appears to have not so much landed as crashed as her own Constituency Labour Party, Wallasey, states in public that she went against their express wishes to support Corbyn. How must they feel since now it appears this was planned long in advance? I imagine she will find it much harder to be nominated next time around, let alone find volunteers to help in any future campaigning.

Now Owen Smith is being lined up, presumably because he wasn’t an MP when the Iraq war was being voted on. He has previously threatened to quit the shadow cabinet, once over a suggestion to consult the Labour members over their views on Trident. Some much for social democracy.

I’m not sure which depresses/angers me more – that they are going against the wishes of their membership or how fucking inept they are. If they can’t dispose a leader properly, how useless would they be a running a country?

Whereas the Tories are giving a masterclass.

  • Weekend- Gove sub-edits Johnson’s Telegraph column, Johnson makes edits advised.
  • Monday – Johnson’s article is blasted from all sides
  • Wednesday – Sarah Vine’s email is leaked, stating Johnson does not have support of Murdock & Dacre without Gove, and should basically be not allowed out unattended.
  • Thursday – Gove surprise announcement he will stand for leadership pulls rug out from under Johnson who declines to stand, his ambitions (and political career?) in tatters
  • Friday – Daily Mail supports May.

As I have said before – no innocent victims.

Cameron & Johnson have taken the Bullington ethos to new heights, and as always have run away to let others clear up their mess.

Gove is learning not to trust anyone, saying that many Tory MPs no longer trust him, although I still wouldn’t count him out just yet, he got where he has somehow – and not through his endearing personality.

And May is stepping out of the shadows, and trying to transform herself into a cross between Thatcher Mark 2 and Big Brother. She will have to win over the Brexiters in her party, as she was allegedly on the Remain side. I don’t know whether her farcical immigration vans will help her or not.


She’s been lauded by Mundell as a unifier who is passionate about maintaining the UK and has been a “great supporter” of Scotland for many years. Really? According to TheyWorkForYou she generally voted against transferring more powers to the Scottish Parliament.

In the meantime Gove has been promising greater powers for Scotland following Brexit negotiations. I think I’ll have my jam today please? I don’t trust “Scottish” Unionist MPs these days, even if they call it a vow.



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