Another Monday morning


Another resignation.

Not the one the Parliamentary Labour Party wants (you hang on in there Jeremy.) It’s Farage, of course his distraught party might convince him to return….

But then again maybe not. Third time lucky for the rest of us.

So that’s ANOTHER leadership contest in the offing. Scotland has already offered up Coburn for the job, and I believe many in Wales would be happy to sacrifice Neil Hamilton.

In reality, it’s likely to be between Paul Nuttall, the current deputy and Suzanne Evans (if she can get round currently being suspended from the party.) Coburn may fancy his chances but with UKIP in Scotland on its arse I can’t see him winning many over.

So that’s the “straightforward” bit of current politics covered, because the rest just gets more absurd by the minute.

Firstly Osborne is planning to reduce Corporation Tax to reduce business flight, etc. Or just make the UK a tax haven, depending on how you view it.

Then over the weekend the back-stabbing in the Tory party continued with certain quarters alleging that Gove is a gossip when drunk. Johnson may be down, but there are others who will continue to fight his corner for him.

May – the current favourite –  is talking about using EU nationals as bargaining chips in Brexit talks! I can’t even begin to express how disgusted I am at that, but this is the woman who brought us the immigration vans. She has been a terrifying Home Secretary and the thought of her being PM is highly disturbing.

Stephen Crabb is denying he is homophobic, but his voting record and previous comments on “gay cures” don’t really help there. However he is on about increasing borrowing via bonds to build infrastructure.

Angela Leadsom (yeah, who?) seems to be trying to position herself to appeal to both sides of her party. People keep mentioning a young Thatcher. *screams*

And the last one, Liam Fox. Liam”Werrity” Fox. How does he even get on the ballot paper? Though I imagine hanging out with Murdoch helps. And look who else is there, with his “unique” fashion sense.


I say unique, although he could have got those shoes from one of my favourite  nationalists sorry patriots (remember it’s patriotic when talking about BritNats) Professor Adam Tomkins. Honestly, why would anyone buy a flag suit? ANY flag?


This darling of the Conservative Party in Scotland and erstwhile socialist republican, is one of four people debating on the BBC tonight in Scotland.


So we have 4 speakers, you’d think in order to have a balanced debate reflecting the current political situation an ideal line up would involve one each from the top 4 parties, these being; SNP, Conservative, Labour and Green.

But no this is the BBC, so we have;

  • Tom Harris – EX-Labour MP for Glasgow South & head of Scottish Leave campaign
  • Adam Tomkins – Conservative MSP – Remain
  • Fiona Hislop -SNP MSP – Remain
  • Jackie Baillie – Labour MSP- Remain

So why is there a need for 2 members of the THIRD party to be there? Why Jackie Baillie? As much as I dislike Watson, at least he is there to put the Leave campaign’s plans across.(haha)

The BBC is another organisation that says it will listen to and reflect its audience. Well it seems to have a tin-ear when independence could be discussed.

I’ll not be watching, cancelled my TV licence years ago and much happier for it. I only put myself through the trauma of Question Time on iPlayer every few months.

I have a much better event to go to tonight at the Glad Cafe: Imagination: Scotland After Brexit.

Speaking of which, I need to get ready, It looks like it is going to be busy, so I’m meeting friends early to make sure I get a drink seat.




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