What I want…


and what I will campaign for in any future IndyRef2 are two different things.

What I want (is pretty much the same as I posted in March)

  1. Nuclear free.
  2. More renewables.
  3. No Fracking.
  4. A citizen’s income.
  5. Well funded NHS.
  6. No TTIP
  7. Land reform.
  8. Rent control & set housing standards.
  9. Better public transport.
  10. Republic.
  11. Nationalisation of utilities/infrastructure
  12. Tolerant & equitable society (it is a wish list)

Do I think ANY of these are possible in the foreseeable future in the UK. Do I fuck. About as much chance of that happening as Blair taking up ice-skating after his god judges him.

What I will campaign for in the next IndyRef

  1. For Scotland to be an independent country.

I know the type of Scotland I want to see, I hope others agree with me, but I know there are many that don’t. We cannot push forward only one vision. We need people to think about what they want, where they can see the country going. This isn’t a process that happens to them, this is one they need to be engaged with.

So often in the last referendum I was told “I’m not voting for that Alex Salmond.” It wasn’t about the SNP then and it won’t be about the SNP in the future. The SNP is a broad church and I have no doubt that many members will move to other parties once independence is achieved. Who knows what the political landscape will be?

We all have the right to say how we want out country to be run, so we cannot discuss only one option. There are some that may want a right wing iScotland. *Grits teeth.* That’s their prerogative and things like that can and will be discussed after independence.

I won’t get everything I want, I may not get anything I want, but I know damn well I won’t get anything at all unless we leave this union, and that’s what I will be fighting for. I still think the odds are better for me in a population of just over 5 million as opposed to a population of 64 million.

Some say the SNP are drifting rightwards because they can take the left for granted. Well as one of the SNP members I can assure you I want my party to be left of centre, and there are issues I will raise hell over if I thought policy was going to change. I am also aware there is no point in putting forward the only same arguments in IndyRef2 as we did last time because WE LOST.

Socialist purity is one thing, but I want more people to vote Yes next time, and that means a broader campaign. Europe is not enough to assume the cause is won. I don’t want another smaller neo-liberal country, but I am aware that I also don’t want a barter economy.

Stock exchanges and bankers may not be the first thing I want in an iScotland, but we need investment to build and broaden our economy, because people need jobs and not just in call centres.

I want to encourage people to come here, to feel welcome, to have their families here, to add to our communities. I want a fairer Scotland, an equitable Scotland. These things I will always campaign for. But they are options that won’t be on the next referendum voting slip.


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