Lazy Sunday


Trying to distract myself from the  tennis, as I’m convinced I’m a jinx on a certain Scotsman’s career, so catching up with the papers.

So we have Labour continuing its drawn out death by a thousand cuts. I mean even if the #ChickenCoup ringleaders got what they wanted, who the hell is left to vote for them? Moderate Tories? Because the way they’ve been going they seem determined to piss off everyone with even a slight left-wing slant. Their behaviour and attitude is more like a toddler than that of people who are supposedly capable of high office.

Two weeks on from their disgracefully self-indulgent parade of resignations and they still don’t have an official candidate line up. Angela Eagle has made such a circus of her pre-announcement announcement  that when she finally does announce no-one will care. Along with so many I want a break from apparently cloned trident-loving alpha-male in a suit leading our political parties but after seeing the tears and the abysmal interviews, how does anyone expect her to stand each week at the dispatch box, especially facing whichever Thatcher Mark 2 the Tories will select.

Speaking of Tories, 4 days to reduce from 6 wannabe candidates to the final 2. The final two may be scary – not that any of the other options weren’t in their own special little ways – but at least they get on with it. Now it is a waiting game until 9th September with the last two trying to see who will blink first.

And who gets to vote?

Between 130,000 and 150,000 Conservative Party members (not that much bigger than SNP membership)

A survey of Tory membership in 2015 was carried out by Professor Tim Bale as part of the Party Members Project by the Economic and Social Research Council.

  • 1,200 Conservative party members were sampled
  • 55% of the membership in London and South East England
  • 70% male
  • more than half of party members are over the age of 60
    • concerned over NHS & protecting pensions – I know!
  • overwhelmingly middle class
  • just over a third have been to university
  • 5% read the Sun, 17% the Daily Mail and 33% the Daily Telegraph.
  • likely to agree with the views
    • that young people don’t have enough respect for traditional British values,
    • that schools should teach children to obey authority
    • that people who break the law should be given stiffer sentences.

Quick break for a squeal as I hear Scotland now has a second Wimbledon champion today; congratulations to both Gordon Reid and Andy Murray.

So the main points I seem to have seen in the papers today is an upswing in the talk about federalism. The Salisbury group have put forward proposal which will be drafted into an Act of Union bill which will be published this week as a basis for discussion. There are a number of variations suggested, 4 devolved parliaments, much smaller Westminster, either House of Lords abolished or 75% directly elected, etc.

Both Scottish Labour and Tories have been mooting the idea which shows how uneasy they are over a future IndyRef. In my opinion it is far too late for this, however progressive the ideas are to start off with, Westminster has a habit of putting the break on. Previous reform to the House of Lords and the recent Smith Commission / Scotland Act are prime examples.

As for the comment “It would pull the rug from under independence,” from Lord Hain, I would remind him of “Devolution will kill Nationalism stone dead” uttered by his fellow Labour peer Baron Robertson.  Unlike the dead weight of history slowing down change in Westminster, it feels like momentum is building in Scotland and also in Wales.

If the next Tory PM, a useless opposition and a new Act of Union isn’t enough to have a large chuck of the population running for the hills, some of the self-proclaimed “centralist” MPs from Labour  and the Conservatives are on about forming a new party – well they did play nicely together during BetterTogether. There has also been talk of a Government of National Unity. Hmm.

Somehow I can’t see the Labour rebels tempering their Tory counterparts, this new party would only be moderate compared to UKIP or the right-wing of the Tory party. As someone who would actually like to see a healthy Labour Party (I can’t see it happening, mind you) I think a clear out might do the party good. Get the prima donnas out. Let them see how they get on without the support of the membership, who knows their Tory friends might be able to support them in the style to which they’ve become accustomed. One thing they should bear in mind – where are the SDP now?

The final thing I’m going to vent over is I saw pictures of hamface our beloved leader enjoying himself at Wimbledon, and I hear he got a great response from the crowd.  It’s not over him going to the tennis, although his reputation of the most relaxed Prime Minister does not do him any favours.

No, what I’m pissed off over is he resigns over the referendum result, refuses to do anything over the shitstorm it has unleashes, instead allowing the country to bumble along for 10 weeks until the next PM is in place, but still feels he can 1. send troops to Eastern Europe and 2. bring forward the decision on replacing Trident.

Those of a delicate disposition please cover your eyes/ears.

How does this stupid FUCKING cockwomble think either of these are a good idea? Yeah, your final major acts are to irritate Putin and for what reason? Do we learn nothing? No, I don’t believe in an isolationist policy. But this, this is stupid. We’ve already pissed off our nearest neighbours, the Commonwealth thinks we’re idiots, and now you are painting a target on us.

Oh yes, you selfish, privileged fud, you are going to go down in history. Maybe not quite as covered in blood as Blair, but definitely as the most fucking stupid.


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